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#metoo Should not be. #itistime

#metoo, but not in the workplace or school. That is not what this post is about. This is about the bystanders, one that saved me and one that did not protect me. The man who stood by and said nothing and did nothing and the one who took it upon himself to make sure nothing […]

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journal to children

A Journal for my Children

Last month I wrote about keeping our children’s artwork. It’s so hard to pick what to keep, but that’s why we have to let them give input. Their artwork, after all, is a gift to us. They might not have the words to express how they see us or what we mean to them. So they’ll take […]

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One Seasoned and Snarky Mom’s Rant on Halloween

It’s officially October and much like you; I have Halloween on the brain. As a mother of 4 children; 3 boys and a girl, ranging in age from 13-3, here are a few thoughts judgements on Halloween 2017. First, let’s address the trick-or-treaters age issues… Last week, this post came out and created a bit of a buzz […]

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