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You Want to do WHAT with your Placenta?

What if I told you there was a natural way to heal from birth? Decrease chance of getting PPD (postpartum depression) Increase and enrichment of breast milk Increase of energy Helps to increase hemoglobin after birth Decrease in postpartum bleeding Decrease in postpartum night sweats A natural way to give your body back everything that […]

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brush floss

A Smile Goes a Long Way!

Today we have a special post from our partners, Dr. Harjot Chawla and Dr. Parvathi Pokala, who are local pediatric dentists in San Diego. Dr. Chawla completed his DDS degree at the University of Southern California and Dr. Pokala completed her DDS degree at Columbia University. They completed their Pediatric Dentistry residency at Montefiore Medical Center […]

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Hot Mama: Regaining Your Sense of Style After Baby

That first cry. Just thinking about this life-changing moment’s got you tearing up. (Even writing this I am, too!)   It seems like forever ago your precious new baby joined the family. And in between changing diapers, a gazillion Mission Valley Target runs (for diapers), too many sleepless nights, washing an endless supply of bottles, […]

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mommy guilt

Ruminations on Mommy Guilt: The Tide of Longing

“Don’t let the Mommy-Guilt get you down,” a well-intentioned female colleague who did not have children told me last week. She sat at the edge of the conference table twirling a pen as she casually bestowed her advice upon me. I hadn’t asked for the advice, but as a first-time mom I always welcome the […]

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