Passionate About San Diego
and the Moms Who Live Here
  • That One Time I Met Chris Hemsworth And Almost Peed My Pants

Kids Teach Us :: A Fresh Way to Look at Life

I know all the mamas out there agree: kids often teach us more than we ever thought imaginable. Not only do they teach us to embrace the most selfless kind of love, but their fresh eyes and untainted logic is an invaluable dose of wisdom! Today, as I reflected on all my embarrassing moments and […]

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Is Comparison Really the Thief of Joy?

You have probably heard the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy”. (Theodore Roosevelt) I have tried to be very aware of comparing myself to other women, to other moms (and I fail miserably all the time). “How did she get her pre-baby body back so fast?” “Why does she cave in to her child?” […]

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A Few More Reasons to Love Target

Let’s face it if you’re a mom you’ve probably been to a Target recently. In the last few years, moms around the country have taken over Target. I’ve rounded up some of the best things about the major retailer and hope to share something new. Children’s clothing- A couple of years ago Target took a huge […]

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