Passionate About San Diego
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet Our Founding Owner

Jenna is a proud San Diego native who was born and raised on the South side of the 8, right near San Diego State University. Halfway through her life, her family moved a little North, right across the 8, into the Del Cerro Community. Her childhood was filled with soccer, soccer, and more soccer.

Jenna met her future husband while she was attending UCSD. She and her black hat, tight jeans cowboy, married on the lucky 7/07/2007. As a marine corps wife, the inevitable deployment followed two months later. Jenna is grateful that her husband was able to return- one very long year later.




Jenna currently homeschools Hayley, 8, and Savannah, 5, with the help of her husband. A short stint in Colorado Springs, introduced Jenna to the City Moms Network where she wrote for the Colorado Springs Moms Blog. While Colorado is so beautiful, San Diego was calling them back.

They thoroughly enjoyed the adventure as a family and are glad to be back enjoying all the outdoor activities that beautiful sunny San Diego has to offer.

Jenna has a great passion for the community of San Diego and the mom’s that live in it. She really looks forward to building a closer knit community within the greater San Diego area! We are doing that with our book club, San Diego coffee moms group, and other exciting ways that we are trying to connect our community.




Here’s what you will find on the San Diego Moms Blog!

~Relevant, timely and fun information to create a positive parenting community.
~We regularly plan events and meetups in San Diego to connect moms and families, so we hope to meet you in person very, very soon!