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Is Comparison Really the Thief of Joy?

You have probably heard the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy”. (Theodore Roosevelt) I have tried to be very aware of comparing myself to other women, to other moms (and I fail miserably all the time). “How did she get her pre-baby body back so fast?” “Why does she cave in to her child?” […]

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You Have Options! PERIOD

Let’s talk about your period. I have them, you have them, most women have them! They are messy, there’s nothing fun about them, and they can be expensive! Last year I ran into a Youtube channel where a lady was trying out different period cups. Insert my curiosity. There I sat for the next hour, […]

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My Heart Aches for Sutherland Springs

Sunday afternoon I got a text from my teen that there had been another shooting. As I pulled up to the parking lot where I was meeting a friend, I quickly grabbed my phone to look up any information I could. It hit me at the core as I found out the shooting happened at […]

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