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How I Remain Faithful Amidst Scandal

Recently, a friend of mine asked in earnest, without a hint of judgment or sarcasm, why I was still Catholic. Although I have often faced challenges to my faith, I agree that these days it is a particularly good question. And in the spirit of open, vulnerable dialogue, I’ve decided to share my answer with […]

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Boy Mamas: Please Don’t Blame the Girl!

As a young woman, I had to get used to the weird stares from creepy guys. Through my annoyance and frustration, I would ask myself: Why is it ok for men to objectify me simply because I try to look nice? Recently, at a pool party, I had the opportunity to further reflect on this. […]

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How I Take Mama Advice – With Grace!

I know, everyone has an opinion and everyone has advice. Especially when it comes to motherhood. We all either joke or fume about it when it happens, especially in the public arena. Who hasn’t had a perfect stranger tell them how they are somehow messing up?  For some reason, it bothers us to receive unwarranted […]

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Kids Teach Us :: A Fresh Way to Look at Life

I know all the mamas out there agree: kids often teach us more than we ever thought imaginable. Not only do they teach us to embrace the most selfless kind of love, but their fresh eyes and untainted logic is an invaluable dose of wisdom! Today, as I reflected on all my embarrassing moments and […]

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