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Loving Self-Care Every Mama Needs and Deserves!

“Will you come with me, just for a few minutes, as we open up the conversation of self-care and self-love through wardrobe purging and closet organization?

Here at San Diego Moms Blog- this year has us all talking about, brainstorming around and encouraging self-care, in all forms, and this certainly includes a good, intentional closet clean-out!

loving self care

Good wardrobe planning always begins with a clean, organized and easy to look through closet. Mamas, I know this can seem like a daunting task and one that you might be tempted to place at the bottom of your very long to-do list. However, I encourage you to move it up closer to the top! Spring is always an opportune time to do a thorough and deep cleansing of what no longer serves our needs and our lifestyles!

As moms, we all know that mess = stress! Having a paired down wardrobe and organized closet space is one sure way to calm you mind, heart and soul. Whether your closet is the same size mine was in Paris, itty-bitty, or if you have the luxury of a larger walk-in, once you purge & organize each time you open your closet, armoire or dresser drawers you will feel relaxed, happy and creative! It is worth setting aside a few hours for the many added benefits of purging and organizing. Some mamas find this easier to do alone and others need to call in their tribe for support. If the latter one is you, invite a close friend over to help you. Moms Night In as you enjoy a glass of wine or cup of tea and go through what you currently have in your closet space.

loving self care

You will most likely find pieces that you forgot you had which creates the possibilities of new outfits. If some of your old clothes do not fit you like they should and they are classic foundational pieces AND in good condition, then consider taking them to a talented tailor in your city for a fresh touch and perfect fit! As any stylish mama knows, the key to looking fabulous and feeling great is in the fit! You will be adding “new” pieces for a fraction of the cost when using a tailor to provide the look and fit you need.

Now, as you begin to pull pieces out of your closet, give each one a good, long look.

Do you love it?

Do you wear it?

Do you REALLY need it?

All the clothing in your closet should relate to one another, therefore creating a wardrobe that is fluid. If you need to, try it on! I highly encourage this as it makes it so much easier than standing there and thinking about it while the baby begins to stir from the morning nap.

Tackle it! Make 5 piles and get started:

  1. Charity
  2. Tailoring
  3. Dry Cleaning
  4. To-Be-Stored (seasonal)
  5. Trash

To help you with your organizing and to keep your closet organized long term, consider investing in the following tools that can greatly help your closet space stay organized as well as your wardrobe in tip-top shape:

Good quality wood hangers, velvet flocked hangers, skirt & pant hangers, sweater bags (at least one side cotton or linen in order to allow the clothes being stored to breathe), clear boxes that will happily house most of your shoes, pool noodles from the $1 store to aide in keeping your tall boots from falling over as well as cedar blocks or balls to use everywhere!

Most importantly, have fun, donate your clothes to those less fortunate and enjoy your zen closet!

loving self care

And please remember just how BEAUTY-FULL you are!!!

B – Be yourself
E – Enjoy life
A – Accept yourself for who you are | Let go of all comparing to others
U – Under it all | What counts is what is on the inside
T – Thankfulness | Practicing the attitude of gratitude
Y – Youthful (in mind & spirit) | Age is just a number

loving self care

You are worth it! You deserve it! You are an amazing mom!

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