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Friday Favorites- Get Through the Football Season Edition

friday favorites

Let’s just talk about football season for a minute, shall we? 

We know that it’s our husbands favorite time of year, so they can spend their weekends cheering on their favorite team while eating junk food and drinking beer. 

Well, what if YOUR favorite team is no longer here- and you have noone to cheer on, and all the sudden- football isn’t so fun anymore?

Well, we have a few things you can do to make the football season more enjoyable for you!

We suggest doing something along the lines of fantasy football with your hubbie. Now, for some of us who have NO IDEA how to use the fantasy football apps, don’t want to spend a ton of time on it, or haven’t the slightest idea whose defense you should be using on your team- we have made it easy for you. Team up with your hubbie or a group of friends, and jump on the CBS Sports app. Check out the game schedule for the year, and just pick a winning team for each game. 

friday favorites

If you win, you get to choose something for your husband to do for you, and if he wins, you will be doing something for him. (Hint, DON’T lose!)

Here are some examples to help get your mind going:

-foot rub


-make dinner

-pick up dinner out


-your pick!

But- be prepared to lose, as your husband might pick something ridiculous for you to do if you lose! Also, expand this idea, and possibly do it with a group of friends. You can hang out on Sunday’s and watch football together and do your competition, and have fun!

While you are with your friends, consider playing your choice of a drinking game, something similar to the one found here. Or this would be a good options if you really don’t care about who wins or loses, you can just watch to play a drinking game. Keep the rules to yourselves, so your kiddos don’t want to join in with their glass of milk or water. If someone scores a touchdown, you both take a drink, etc. You can make up your own rules, but it helps make the game more fun to watch together.

Or- play a fun game of football bingo, so the kids can be involved!

Also, can we please talk about some of our favorite recipes for game day? Check out this post for some yummy recipes.

My favorite thing to munch on while watching football is this yummy cookie dough dip for dessert! It’s so delicious! Check out the full recipe over herefriday favorites

Brittany had some great tips to make the perfect 7-layer bean dip which has me drooling. Make sure you make HOMEMADE guacamole, because store bought isn’t the same. Also, add taco seasoning (to taste) to the sour cream, so that way it adds flavor and makes it look pretty! 

We hope you enjoy football season, as we continue our search for a new team to support this year! Let us know about some of your favorite recipes to enjoy for football season in the comments below. 

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