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New Moms :: 5 Tips for Getting Back into a Workout Routine After Baby

I know what you are thinking… the last thing that you want to think about right now is to start working out. Sleep is the only thing that matters right now, and you aren’t getting enough of it.

Sure, the doctor has cleared you at your 6 week post delivery check-up, but you would obviously rather sleep.*

I get it.

You might even be having a hard time keeping your eyes open enough to read this.

I have been there.

Please believe me when I say that the best thing you can do right now is to enjoy a good sweat session!


I have been through 2 pregnancies, and I think what helped me keep my sanity and energy level up was working out! I didn’t and still don’t drink coffee; (and all the moms *gasp*) but please do if it helps you! With a professional fitness and nutrition background, it’s easy for me to tell you that it’s important to take care of YOU- but it’s easier said than done, right?

Here are 5 easy tips that might help you get back into a workout routine so that you can be the best possible mama for that precious new baby!

Make Yourself a Priority

It’s easy to put the baby, the toddler, the house, sleep, everything else before yourself during this season of your life. When baby goes down, stick a workout DVD in. Don’t clean the house- it can wait! And try your best to resist the urge to sleep. Even after a 30 min workout, I found that it was so much easier for me to fall asleep at night because my body was that much more tired. I also had carpal tunnel when I was pregnant in both my wrists, and working out helped make that pain go away post pregnancy.

Set a Routine

Just as your baby and children thrive off a routine, so will you. Mark a few days a week on the calendar for you to squeeze in a sweat session. If the husband is home, go for an uninterrupted jog. Grab a quick and free workout off Pop Sugar Fitness or stick in any old DVD (that’s currently collecting dust) from your stash. Just make sure your YOU TIME is not overlooked when things get “busy”, because it’s just as important as the other things on your calendar.

Make Some Goals

What motivates you? Getting back into shape? Fitting back into that bathing suit? Getting ready for a 5k? Whatever it is- use it as fuel to help get you motivated and stay motivated. 

Break Down Your Goals into Easily Manageable Tasks

Once you set some goals- break them down into smaller sections so that the goal is attainable. Say you wanted to run a 5k. For your first goal- try to run a mile straight through without stopping. Once you reach that, reward yourself. Buy a new pair of running shoes or workout outfit. Doing that keeps you excited about your progress and gives you something to work for. Keep adding new rewards for every goal you hit until the ultimate goal is reached. Then you can celebrate and make new goals!

Tell Someone

This is so important for your success. Tell a friend, your husband, or someone that can be your cheerleader. You need someone to lean on if you are hitting a plateau, or you just need someone to be there to tell you what an awesome job you are doing. Bonus points for telling a friend and then having them join you in your mission!


*Always check with your doctor to make sure they they clear you for exercise after having your baby! 


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2 Responses to New Moms :: 5 Tips for Getting Back into a Workout Routine After Baby

  1. jessica lynn
    jessica lynn August 29, 2017 at 7:24 am #

    I used to think that I could only work out in the mornings. I’ve always loathed afternoon/evening workouts, but it turns out that’s the only time I can actually fit something in. I miss my morning routine, but the baby’s night is still too unpredictable to wake up at a certain time, so sleep becomes a priority then. But it turns out YouTube is a lifesaver for a quick and effective 30-minute workout in the afternoon when the two littles are napping!

  2. Jenna Skora
    Jenna Skora August 29, 2017 at 7:49 am #

    Yes! Youtube to the rescue! Literally fitting it in when you have a 15 min window is still better then nothing! I’m a morning workout person as well, so I know how you feel. You will get that routine back eventually. Good job mama, you are doing great <3

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