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Hey There Lazy Mom, Tired Mom, Over-It Mom… I’m with You

I am a Lazy Mom and I’m proud of it!  Over time, I have mastered the ‘Art of Lazy,’ and in this post I will share with you a couple of strategies that can help you master it too!

I call it lazy, but to be more socially acceptable it is now called ‘self-care’.

Lazy Mom Self Care

That is putting yourself first (if only for a few moments) over the little things that really are of little importance to raising happy, healthy, and productive children.

Or taking a break from mom life to get away and do adult things with not a thought of children on your mind.

Life as a mom can get so crazy and so we all need to be a little lazy!!!

But how do you free up your time and mind to get there?  How do you become a Lazy Mom too?

Here are two concepts that I have adopted to get the crazy out and let the lazy in!

Only 10s

Do you make a list of things you need to do? I do.

If it does not get on the list it does not get done. Period.

Or if it does, it gets written on the list so that it can get crossed off.

The idea behind ‘Only 10s’ is to prioritize your calls, projects, errands, online tasks with priority numbers, 10 being the highest MUST GET DONE TODAY priority.

Then, wait for it… only do the 10’s each day. Really.

Let everything else go until it becomes a 10. For bigger projects, some parts may be a 10 to get you to the completion date over time. That’s okay!

When you don’t get caught up in the ‘little things and unimportant things’, you get stuff done. Stuff that needs to get done! You know what is left… time to be lazy!!

(Inspired by THIS BOOK)

Good Enough

Do you stress over every detail to get it right? STOP IT!!!!!! Do it till it is ‘Good Enough’.

I know it is not easy for some people to do that, but give it a go. 

I am not saying to do it half-assed or leave parts undone, just do it till it is good enough. Not perfect, not every detail in place, not spending an extra hour trying to get it right in your eyes when no one else will notice, just good enough… then let it go.

Chances are no one will notice because they do not know what your original vision or goal was. Only you do.

When you do it till it is good enough, you release the stress. Perfection is most definitely not needed in most aspects of mom life. You know what that does… it reduces the crazy!!!!

So, will you give these strategies to become a Lazy Mom a try?

Tell me what you think!

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2 Responses to Hey There Lazy Mom, Tired Mom, Over-It Mom… I’m with You

  1. ktcahill
    ktcahill August 2, 2018 at 7:31 am #

    This is great! Thanks Lori. I think it takes years to realize that you dont have to be everything to everyone all the time! But Selfcare is so important for “burnout” happens in work and def momlife! 😁

    • Lori C.
      Lori C. August 2, 2018 at 8:36 am #

      You are welcome! These strategies saved my sanity for sure when my schedule and responsibilities seemed out of control.

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