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5 Ways to Stay Focused and Present in This Busy World

Life is so chaotic at times, and it seems like the more time passes, the quicker life flies by. With social media constantly on our phones, the television on at dinner time and the news on first thing in the morning, how do you keep yourself focused and present without falling victim to it all?  

I want to share 5 ways to help you stay focused and remain present with yourself and your loved ones.

1. Always have a good book to read.  

I’m currently reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown and it is incredibly uplifting, inspirational and eye-opening. Reading Rising Strong helps me deep digger about learning about myself.  Instead of turning to social media for a mindless scroll, open up a good book and learn more about yourself. Dive a little further into what moves you.  

Another great way to start your day is to read a few pages from your book first thing in the morning instead of reaching for your phone. Take this book with you everywhere – in your diaper bag, in your car, to the bathroom – you get the idea.  You are more likely to open up your book rather than open up social media if you have it with you.  

2.  Turn off the television/phone during meal times.

I know how easy it can be to turn on a show or two for your kiddos so they can be distracted while they’re eating and you can get other things done. Your child will form healthy eating habits if they are more focused on what is on their plate rather than a screen. Take this time to read your child a book, have a snack with them or just talk! 

The same goes for you, mama! You are more likely to eat for hunger rather than mindlessly finishing what’s on your plate. Also, you’re probably going to waste less time watching television, instead- pick up your good book while you’re eating!  

3.  Unfollow or delete anyone that doesn’t bring happiness to your life.

I know this can be kind of a bold move, but it’s true. There are a million reasons and things to keep us distracted throughout the day. Spending time on negative visual space shouldn’t be one of them. Go through your friends on Facebook and the people you follow on your Instagram. Do these people evoke feelings of joy and make you feel good? Or, does seeing some mega blogger with picture-perfect kids, house and body make you feel less than? If the latter, it’s time to say “See ya!”  

There is absolutely no reason we should be following someone or befriending someone that doesn’t come off across as honest and genuine. Really, there’s no need for people to make us feel like we’re not good enough. Especially if they’re someone you don’t know personally. Consider this your social media detox!

4. Keep your phone put away in a drawer for designated times.

After you pick up your kids from school, that’s a great time to put your phone away for a while. Your kids have been gone most of their day and they are looking forward to seeing you and spending time with you (even if it doesn’t seem like it). Don’t fall into the habit of everyone turning to the television or phones for an after-school escape.  

In the evening, when it’s just you and your significant other is another great time to put the phones away. Make it a habit to actually talk to one another rather than sitting on the sofa, phones in hand with the television on. Staying off your phone will help you to continue getting to know your partner and stay present in your relationship.

5. Keep a journal.

We’re wired to see everything, all day long. Our screens are feeding us with information constantly and it can be overwhelming – whether we realize it or not. Instead of scrolling through social media feeds or reading the news online at the end of the night, try writing in a journal. Start by taking 5-10 minutes to write down everything you are grateful for, things that need to get done the following day, cute things your kids said, what you love about your spouse, dreams, goals, start a bucket list – anything that makes you happy. 

Instead of looking at other’s people’s lives and consuming your thoughts and emotions on strangers (or friends), focus on yourself. Be present with what is happening now. Taking the time to write out your thoughts will give you perspective and clarity on what is really going on in your life. If you’re stuck for things to write, maybe this is a good reminder to shut the electronics down, live in the moment and focus on what truly matters. 

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”

–Eckhart Tolle

These 5 practices can be put into practice immediately. You don’t need a coach or money or extra time do any of them, they only take a willing person.

You got this, mamas!  

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