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A Few Fall Crafts for the Littles in your Life

We all know the fun of a Turkey Hand-print, but I want to give you a couple more ideas to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and keep those little hands happily occupied. Never doubt the power of a few good kid fall crafts! Cute decorations are a great way to celebrate the changing seasons.

Also, some of these crafts may give you an extra reason to take a family stroll. It’s fall, and the weather is finally getting perfect, so see what goodies your kids find. This season becomes a perfectly colorful treasure hunt for those fall crafts.

fall crafts


Thanksgiving Wreath: (step by step) fall crafts

This is a great Thanksgiving craft to get everyone in your family, even the tiny tots, thinking aboutwhat they are thankful for.

All this took was a bit of leaves to glue and to trace. Construction paper, card-stock or even poster paper. A sharpie, scissors, and glue.

We made the example one when my little was only 3. So, I wrote her thankful note just how she said it. Other ways of doing it, is to have them draw what they are thankful for, even if you don’t see it, they still will love to tell you about it.



Pinecone Turkeys: (step by step) fall crafts

Our example isn’t exactly a “traditional pinecone turkey” but works with what your kid finds and loves.

Also, don’t stress about what is on ours, as we really just ransacked my crafty box. But googly eyes are always fun and if you have feathers, glitter or paint, go for it! Good old wet glue is a plus.





Cheap Wood Crafts: fall crafts

Best part of this is when I say cheap, I mean cheap! Michaels/Joann’s, or any crafty store carries a few pre-cut seasonal bits of wood. Michaels typically even has tiny kits for around a dollar. Another spot to check is normally around the pre-cut letter selection in stores. You can make them as decor or ornaments, or what I do a lot of the time is add a little magnetic strip to the back to turn them into refrigerator magnets. They look good unfinished/unsealed or with a Modpodge coat/sealant spray. Really there is no way to get it wrong. Crayons, sharpies, or paint! Do what you trust your kid with for these fall crafts.




Leaf Rubs: (step by step) fall crafts

As simple as the craft is, it’s always like magic for little ones.

Another plus, CHEAP! You already have paper and crayons, plus if you went on that family stroll, I’m sure you have plenty of leaves still. 


What are some of YOUR favorite family crafts to do around Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below!

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