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The Lazy Moms Guide to Elf on the Shelf (Free Printable Calendar!)

Remember when Elf on the Shelf first came out?

Everyone was so excited for the “Christmas magic” that could be made by pretending that this stuffed doll had magic. We would play with it and set it up every night doing something fun for the kids… 

Well, I don’t know about you, but I wish I had NEVER BROUGHT THAT THING INTO MY HOUSE.

Because of that- year after year, I have become more and more lazy about what happens to the Elf. The day can’t come fast enough where my kids stop believing in it so I can stop trying so hard forgetting to move it every night. Whether you have “Kindness Elves”, a mischief making Elf, or a super magical Elf, I get it. It’s hard to keep up.

I have resigned to that fact the time has come already this year. The Elf (ours is names “snowflake”) is expected to make it’s appearance any time now – so I’m here to make sure you’re prepared for the arrival of yours! This lazy mom has put together some super simple and last minute ideas that you can do in your sleep for Elf. Easy tasks like putting Elf in the bathtub (the story is that it really needed a bath!), or putting Elf in the Christmas tree (and telling the kiddos that it got into some mischief because he was trying to ruin ornaments, or whatever you want to say!), are the best and easiest ways to keep your sanity, AND if you forget to move the Elf, you can easily sneak some of these while the kids aren’t watching! Yes, I have forgotten to move the Elf way too many times to count. I am an expert on making up stories as to where the Elf is, (while it’s hiding behind my back so I can move it) or why it didn’t move the night before. 

So if you are an Elf on the shelf mom and you just aren’t feeling it this year- here is a calendar list of lazy mom elf on the shelf ideas.


elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf lazylast minute idea calendar (Printable PDF)


What are some of your Elf on the Shelf lazy mom ideas? Tag us and use #ElfontheShelfHelp on Instagram so we can find you and share your ideas with our followers!

elf on the shelf


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