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Skip the Holiday Headache with a Head Start :: Start Holiday Shopping NOW!

holiday shopping

It’s that time of the year again! I’m not talking about back to school shopping. I’m talking about holiday shopping

Wait…holidays? Isn’t it still summer? Shouldn’t we be soaking up that last bit of sun before the kids return to school and we pack away the pool toys? Yes!

By all means continue to enjoy this beautiful weather… BUT with a few tips that I am sharing with you today, you can already be done with holiday shopping by the time December rolls around. 

Shop online:

Amazon Prime. I can write another post (raving love letter?) about Amazon prime, but really if you don’t already have it- then check it out. 2 day shipping!! While that’s a huge deal for many, I just love that I can shop from home. Etsy is another hotspot for online shopping. Sure Amazon has a handmade department, but Etsy takes the cake in this area. Target. If you’re a Target Red Card holder, then you should know you can get free shipping online or just ship to store for a quick pickup! 

Stocking Stuffers:

Back to school season and Halloween are great times to shop for stocking stuffers. Think socks, small books, crayons, etc. You don’t need tons of hideaway storage spots, and who needs an excuse to check out that Target dollar spot?! 



Oh boy- so you know how I feel about toys right? Well this year we’re sticking to the 4 gift rules. Also, check out this post for minimalist ideas for gifts for girls.

How about just doing one big ticket item like a gaming console? Set price trackers on your favorite sites and keep your eyes peeled for sales!

Or no toys:

If you can escape the toy madness that tends to pop-up around the holidays, I recommend some “experience” gifts like yearly passes to local hot spots. Legoland, Childrens Discovery Museum, and the Zoo are all great ideas. My mother in law insists on a physical gift, so she gives the kiddos a kid’s box subscription. We personally love Koala Crate, but I’ve heard great things about many other monthly boxes for kids.   


Donate, volunteer, just be there for others. Charitable acts tend to be associated with the holiday season, but shouldn’t we practice kind acts all year? Still this is a great time to start stocking up on food items to donate, and to make plans with family to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or decide where the yearly donation will go.  

Skip the holidays!

One of my favorite movies is Christmas with the Kranks. It’s about a couple who decides to skip their traditional Christmas at home and take a cruise. Does anyone else think that this sounds like fun? If this is you- then you might want to start planning your trip. Maybe you’re not planning to cruise but you are definitely headed out of town. Now is the time to look for travel deals.  

Craft time:

If there’s one thing I’m not shy about; it’s my love for crafts! The holidays are a great time to satisfy your crafty side. Check Pinterest for handmade gift ideas that your family will love. It’s never too early to start working on those hand printed picture frames or personalized ornaments. 

Last but not least is your greeting card.

Check in with your family photographer to find out when they’re planning holiday sessions so you can shop for outfits. (Check out the photographers on our team!) Make your recipient list and pick up some stamps the next time you’re out running errands.  

Remember that the holiday season should be a comforting and peaceful time. Keep the stress at bay by following some of my tips. If you start today and cross a few things off your list, then come December you’ll have more time to bake cookies and sing carols with your family.

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