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Auctus Social Joins the San Diego Moms Blog Team {Sponsored}

This is a Auctus Social sponsored post, but as always, all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.
Auctus Social

Samantha Harris, Owner of Auctus Social

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”

This quote really stuck with me through my journey of becoming both a mother and in my new role as owner of the San Diego Moms Blog. I can’t stress enough the importance of aligning with individuals and businesses that can support and help you grow. The truth is that we all have strengths and we should focus on those strengths and things we can control to grow our businesses and our lives. My strength is sales and event planning, so by asking for help and hiring a social media / marketing guru (like Samantha – see below) I am going to have more time to grow the San Diego Moms Blog in the areas that I know I can. 

So now, let me introduce Samantha! When I first met Samantha Harris, Founder of Auctus Social (Oct-Us, noun- Latin for growth) I knew immediately with her background, personality and dedication to helping moms she was the perfect fit to help us take the San Diego Moms Blog to the next level. Within minutes we had personally connected and she shared the same vision I have in business, which is “community over competition.” And since the mission of SDMB is centered around community, I know with her support and direction our community will be stronger than ever.

Let’s also not forget to mention that social media is constantly changing (literally daily). I would be doing a disservice as the owner of SDMB to try and stay on top of it or pretend I thought I could. So my advice to any mama with a business trying to do it all is to let an expert help you with social media (or whatever your area of weakness is) because in relation to social media it isn’t something you can overlook or half-ass.

So join me in welcoming Samantha to our SDMB team. She is a Marketing Strategist with a 💗 to help women grow 🌵, mentoring mamas to make an impact, build influence & connect authentically online. She moved to San Diego from the Pacific Northwest 5 years ago and lives in La Mesa with her Hubby & two mini doxies. She is a heart-centered entrepreneur, PCOS & Hashimoto’s fighter and loves sweet tea + succulents. 

You will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Samantha and her company Auctus Social as she helps take the San Diego Moms Blog to the next level. She will be the sponsor of our new M.O.M.S. Mastermind Lunch Series launching in October and will be here to provide education, support, and resources to our team and dropping some knowledge for you, our readers!

Follow Samantha on Instagram @auctusocial or check out her website HERE

Auctus Social



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