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10 Encinitas Must-Dos as a Tourist or a Local

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San Diego is beautiful and often referred to as America’s Finest City. People come from far off cold climates to enjoy our nearly year round perfect beach weather. It’s hard to choose where to spend a day here because all of the options are sure to satisfy. One of my favorite places in San Diego is Encinitas. Located off the 5 freeway, Encinitas is a beach loving family’s dream. I encourage you to take at least one day this summer to visit this bright city. 

Here are a few places I recommend for you checkout while you’re in Encinitas. 

The Taco Stand– Authentic tacos. What else can I say? Try the nopal (cactus) tacos and you’ll thank me. 

Betty’s Pie Whole– Yes the sweet pies are amazing but don’t forget to grab some of their savory goodies too. Take a stroll after lunch to the neighboring Sunshine Gardens and I promise you’ll end up taking home a few succulents. 

Handel’s Ice Cream– Unique flavor combinations and heaping scoops of ice cream make this a crowd pleaser.



Butterfly Farms– Admission is only $5 a person to get up close to butterflies, and your little ones will love watching the winged beauties flutter around them. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable which makes this both educational and fun. 

San Diego Botanic Garden– The children’s garden is a must visit and keep an eye out for special events such as the upcoming fairy festival and their holiday celebrations. County residents get free admission on the first Tuesday of every month (with ID). 

Cottonwood Creek and Encinitas Community Park– two of the more popular local parks, these are great for birthday parties or playdates. There is plenty of room to bring your little one’s bikes or scooters and they are well maintained. Encinitas Community Park also has a dog and skate park. 

The Meditation Garden at the Encinitas Temple- This is ideal for anyone who is seeking a an undisturbed place to walk and meditate. The Garden is rich with greenery and koi ponds to line your walk. 

La Paloma Theatre– Almost every local has seen the Friday midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at this theatre that first opened in 1928. Check their website to see what other entertainment they offer. 

Last but not least…the beach! Everyone in Encinitas has their favorite beach. Some are tucked away where you can enjoy the sand and saltwater in a nearly private setting. Moonlight beach is a family favorite due to the available parking, playground and snack shack. 

Encinitas is in no way limited to the places I mentioned. I could barely narrow down all the food options as you can find anything from Hawaiian to Peruvian food. Holidays in Encinitas are a great time to join the community. They host yearly parades, trick or treating, and the Taste of Mainstreet. The weekly farmer’s market and the open air Seaside Bazaar are great shopping experiences. A walk along coast highway isn’t complete with stopping at a few of the funky boutiques. If you find a sitter, Encinitas has everything moms night out or date memorable. From wine tasting to craft beers there’s plenty of variety. 

One more thing: Encinitas has an inviting and close knit vibe to it so be ready to feel at home. The pace is a little more easy going and slow compared to some of the beach cities in San Diego. You will not be disappointed and I’m willing to bet you’ll be back. Are you lucky enough to call this beach gem home? What’s your favorite park of your hometown?





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3 Responses to 10 Encinitas Must-Dos as a Tourist or a Local

  1. Lori C.
    Lori C. June 22, 2017 at 11:21 am #

    Wow…. lived in and around Encintas nearly all my life and you have pointed out some new and different things to do in my neighborhood! Thank YOU!

    • Jenna Skora
      Jenna Skora June 22, 2017 at 1:58 pm #

      Yes! We are so excited to check out new places in our town too!

  2. Marie M. June 22, 2017 at 4:29 pm #

    We live the Self Relization Fellowship meditation gardens! It’s a hidden gem and beautiful place.z

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