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10 Ideas to do Something Nice on #DoSomethingNiceDay and Beyond (+ Free Printable!)

October 5th is national #DoSomethingNiceDay. Mimicking the popular random acts of kindness day- doing something nice for people should be done more often than one day of the year- do you agree?

In light of recent events and the fact that we could all be just a little bit nicer to each other, I came up with 10 nice things to do for someone else. Some of these we have actually done (and need to do more often) and some are things I have yet to try! I would love for you to try them with me!

  1. Buy someone coffee. It doesn’t have to be the person in the car behind you at the Starbucks line. I am talking intentionally asking a friend what their favorite coffee is, going to that place to pick up the coffee, and delivering the coffee to your friend. If you can’t do that- sending them a little $5 e-gift card saying “coffee is on me today” just because you love them can go a very long way.
  2. When I lived in Colorado, a sweet teenaged boy who lived next to us would come and shovel my drive way for me. He didn’t even ask, he just knew that I had two little ones, and my husband was away a lot, so he took it upon himself to do it for me. Go out of your way and mow the neighbors yard, (since you are already out there doing yours) or pull in the neighbors trash cans. It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort, and the gesture can go a long way.
  3. Bake someone something! I love the idea of leaving your trash man some cookies during the holiday season… but why not do it randomly? Any and all service workers including the mailman, the trashman, policemen, firefighters, nurses, etc. could always use a pick me up. They are working hard to service us in various ways, and leaving them some sort of baked goods or treats can make their day! Whether they have allergies or not, the gesture is a grand one. I always fear that I will bake something and the recipient is gluten-free, but it not only makes me feel good to bake it, but it makes me feel good to give it to someone deserving.
  4. Open the door for someone. Quite literally the nicest thing I consider from “strangers” is when they open the door for me or even just keep it open! It’s not hard! It takes literally no effort. 
  5. SMILE! You don’t actually know what is going on in someones life. Making eye contact with someone and smiling could literally be life changing. 
  6. Sticky notes! If you see a mirror in a women’s bathroom, leave a sticky note on it. I have yet to do this one- but I have a very dear friend who leaves notes all over her house as reminders for whatever she needs reminding of. Have your note say things like “you are beautiful!”, “you are an amazing person”, or simply “smile!”. I think it would be an amazing feeling to walk into a random bathroom and know that there was another woman at the end of that note- writing something to make someones day that much brighter! Check out this free printable that you can print out and start using now!
  7. And on that note- compliment! If you see a mama in a rush with her kids in toe, rocking that cute tank- tell her! A simple “I love your tank!” can go a long way. Trust me. 
  8. Send someone snail mail. No one does that anymore. Imagine going to the mail and receiving a hand written note instead of bills all the time! What a treat.
  9. Send someone an anonymous package. Maybe a little amazon gift like a notebook, or a book that your friend really wants to read. It will make someone truly feel special.
  10. Take it to social media. I have yet to test this one- but I honestly think it would get a great response. Maybe you will try this with me? Do a facebook live. Talk to your friends and ask them if you can do anything to help them. It might open up conversation and really get people talking. Maybe you know a family that can use some help- and you can get some people together to help! It only takes one gesture.
  11. Here’s a bonus from my good friend Elisabeth- buy an extra churro at Costco and give it to someone as you leave. (It’s a dream of hers)

I challenge you to do something nice today- and beyond. Tag us on social media #sdmomsblog so we can see what you are up to. We would love to share what you are doing with our community!!!

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