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25 Fun Back to School Traditions to Start This Year

I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer just started yesterday. Somehow summer has flown by and school is ready to start again. Whether you have been counting down the days to send your kids back to normalcy and routine or whether you will be misty eyed in the drop-off line; here are some awesome traditions to kickoff a special school year:

1. Pick a theme song for the school year and listen to it on the drive to school.
2. Have breakfast for dinner the night before school starts.
3. Go out for a special treat after the first day.
4. Write out goals for the year with your child before the year begins.
5. Take a fun, commemorative Back to School Picture that you can recreate on the last day of school.
6. Have your child write a short note to the teacher introducing himself and sharing a fun fact.
7. Play a game like Two Truths And A Lie at the dinner table to share about the first day.
8. Leave a special note in everyone’s lunchbox or backpack.
9. Host a big Back to School dinner with friends and any extended family that lives close by.
10. Take advantage of the Back to School sales and go shopping for a few new outfits.
11. After shopping, host a fashion show for the family to try on any new outfits.
12. Measure each child’s height on the door fame or family sized ruler.
13. If you have teenagers, offer to take them out for coffee on the way to school.
14. For younger kids, take them out for hot chocolate and donuts on the way to school.
15. Fill your entryway with balloons for a fun surprise to find after school.
16. Interview your kids about their favorite things before school starts.
17. Choose a special book to read the night before school starts.
18. Make something special for breakfast before everyone heads out.
19. Go out for ice cream on the last day of summer and talk about your favorite parts of vacation.
20. If your child is old enough to tell time, decide on a specific time of day for both of you to look at the clock and make a wish on the first day of school.
21. Video chat with out of town family to share the excitement of the first day back.
22. Go to the library and check out a few books about going back to school.
23. If you are a homeschool family, kick off the school year by going on a fun field trip.
24. Practice getting out the door the night before, but be silly and do it in hyper speed and then slow motion.
25. Give your kid a huge kiss and hug before you drop them off. Bonus points if their friends see.

Please share your favorite Back to School traditions with us and have a great school year everyone!

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