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FIT FOR FALL: 5 Tips to Fall in Love with Fitness


When a mama tells me that she doesn’t have time to workout, she is actually saying that she just doesn’t love it enough. I get it.


Moms are busy. While we are really good at meeting the needs of others, we are lousy at taking time for ourselves. We complete the obligatory checklist and spend any leftover time on the things that we value most. Some of us choose time with friends; others a quiet night in bed with a book. Ultimately, when the job is done and the kids are asleep, we choose to make time for the activities we value – the activities we love.

If you want to workout and don’t’ think you have the time…think again. This is not a scheduling issue – it’s a relationship one. Working out is hard. It’s sweaty and leaves you sore — why would anyone want to workout?

Before you shake your head in agreement, checkout these 5 ways to bring love back into your fitness relationship.


Tip 1: Dress for success

We tend to perform our best when we dress the part. Drop the 90’s cut-off college t-shirt and go shopping! There are so many fitness brands that have created versatile athleisure looks to outfit you from your workout to school drop-off, all the way to the wine bar (seriously!). When you’re allowed to wear spandex for any occasion, you get more bang for your buck, totally justifying the costs! And speaking of savings, look no further than Facebook for local clothing trades & sell, where you’ll find your favorite brands at a discount. (Here’s one for Lululemon!)

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Tip 2: Try a fitness fad

From spinning to drumming, barre to bootcamp, there are so many new workouts on the fitness scene. Most studios offer a complementary first class or introductory rate that lasts an entire week or month so you can test different instructors and see if the studio is a fit before you commit. ClassPass also gives you access to try several fitness studios at one membership cost. What to try in San Diego? Here are my top picks:


  • The Rush Studio – Full disclosure … I teach here … BUT this is by far the best spin class in San Diego. Black lights, bumping music, and awesome instructors make your spin workout a dance party on a bike.
  • Barre 3 – Yoga, Pilates and Barre all in one workout. The studio is fresh and airy, making clients feel welcome and at peace the second you walk through the door. That feeling goes away quickly with a couple demi plies, lunges and squatting chair hinges! Ouch!

MAMA TIP – Certain class times provide onsite childcare at the UTC/La Jolla studio.

  • Forever Fit Bootcamp – We live in such a beautiful city, so why not take your workout outdoors? Forever Fit does this with several boot camp styles ranging from 30 min HIIT, Tabatas and beach workouts. While the workout packs a good punch, it’s clear that the community established by owner Deanna is what sets this group apart from the rest.



Tip 3: Mix up your routine

While fit fads are certainly fun, studio class times don’t always jive with a busy mama schedule. So mix it up! There are several self-guided workouts to do at home, the park, playground or the beach. Pinterest serves as an excellent starting point for basic HIIT workouts that target different body parts and range in total time and level of difficulty. If self-guided workouts seem intimidating, beach runs and stair workouts are an easy way to cram in some cardio and get outdoors. For running motivation, sign up for a local 5k like the Surfing Madonna Beach Run to set a goal to work toward.


Tip 4: Get a workout buddy

Does all of this physical activity sound exhausting to you yet? It’s hard to find motivation to workout when we have one million other things to do. Luckily, according to, having a workout partner can double your performance! Having a friend to inspire you to workout and to hold you accountable is key to workout success. So, find a workout buddy who will help you achieve your fitness goals and you return the favor. Don’t have one? Check out for an array of free workout and run groups to join.

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Tip 5: Workout with your kids

Just like love, working out can hurt. When you feel like quitting, remember who is watching. Your children are the best motivation to live active, healthy lifestyles. For new mamas, San Diego has a plethora of offerings for mommy & me workouts – Stroller Strides, Groovaroo and my brand new company Crybaby Fitness, allow mamas to get their sweat on with baby by their side (or on them!)

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BONUS: For children 3 or older, swap movie night for a game of flashlight tag, or turn daily chores into a cardio circuit – sweep the floor and give me 20 jumping jacks! If you need inspiration for fun family workouts around the house, look no further than Jennifer Gelman’s Instagram account (@bwmcfitness). She is amazing!


The next time you start to worry about fitting a workout into your tight schedule, evaluate the core issue at hand. Get flirty with your fitness regimen and give these tips a try. You might find yourself shifting some items around on your to-do list.



Emily Bingham is founder and director of Crybaby Fitness – a San Diego start-up that connects new moms through interactive group workouts with baby. With the birth of her daughter Isabelle, she left her digital marketing agency life, working with clients such as ASICS, Souplantation, and Shea Homes, to take on freelance social media jobs and turn her two passions into a profession – fitness and babies. In addition to her role at Crybaby Fitness, Emily is currently a spin instructor at The Rush Studio and social media consultant. Her enthusiasm for fitness began with a strict ballet background that has lead her to pursue her NASM personal training certification. You can also find her on Instagram- @crybabyfitness.


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