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An Alternative to Traditional Sunscreen? {Sponsored Post} Plus a Free Printable!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Crunchie Life, but as always, the thoughts expressed are our own. 

As a mom living in a progressive type of world where you can never do too much research when it comes to what you put into your kids mouth and onto their bodies, the search for the right type of sunscreen for your family is a never ending one.

Personally, I make sure that whatever is going on my kids, will actually PROTECT their skin from the sun, and also be as free as possible from chemicals. I know this isn’t always possible, but I am willing to open my mind and search for products I wouldn’t otherwise try.


When we teamed up with Crunchie Life to help spread the word about their products, we really had no idea that they were exactly the products that we have been searching for.

I was reluctant to try their zinc cream, because, well, it doesn’t come in the form of a squirt or squeeze bottle. And isn’t that what we are used to? But all you have to do is dip your finger in the tin can, and it spreads just the same as your “traditional” sunscreen does. Here are some quick facts about the zinc cream:

  • Crunchie Lifes Zinc Cream has as much zinc as an SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • The zinc in their product is non-nano, and non-micronized. What does that even mean? It simply means that it is safe and effective for babies and adults so that it won’t be absorbed into your blood stream.
  • Use of the zinc cream reduces your chemical exposure by an average of 35 chemicals.
  • It’s sweat and water resistant because it’s oil based and it will protect you for 45 minutes per application.
  • Its also made with our body butter base so its great for skin condtions like eczema and psoriasis!
  • ALSO: the zinc cream makes the perfect diaper rash cream and protectant!
  • You can use it as an anti-chafing cream when you play sports!


With the endless amount of uses, and the price of only $9.99, I would say it is well worth the chance to give it a try. Crunchie Life now has free shipping on all orders over $24.99 AND if you use the code sdmoms at checkout, you will get an additional 15% off!

The extra bonus about this product is the tin cans that everything from your lip balm to your laundry detergent comes in can be reused. You can bring the empty tins back to Crunchie Life at any of the farmers markets they frequent around town (Oceanside, UTC, Pacific Beach, Escondido, and Golden Hill), or you can visit them at their PB location and they will give you .50 back for recycling the tins! You can purchase new product, and they will sanitize and refill the tins to use again. Can we just talk about how earth conscious this is?


They have also teamed up with us to provide this super cute printable for you to remember some of your TOP Summer memories. Enjoy!


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