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Child Safety: Guns or Snakes, the ‘Script’ is the Same

CHILD SAFETY is MOM and DAD job #1. We do so much to keep our kids safe daily. But, we may forget or set aside threats our littles may not face everyday or are uncommon to our lives.

A recent Newsweek article reported the third leading cause of child deaths in the U.S. involved a gun. I think we can all agree that losing a child to a gun accident should never happen.

I have detailed below the easy-to-learn CHILD SAFETY SCRIPT I taught my children, should they ever stumble upon a gun at a friend or family member’s home or anywhere else for that matter.

It all began with a rattlesnake encounter the first week we moved into our new rural home. 

A school mate of my son was visiting and he became interested in something on our backyard steps, not 30 feet from our back sliding door. As he bent over to reach down to touch it or pick it up, I realized it was a baby rattlesnake. 

Fortunately, it never got this far….

Lady Picks up Baby Rattlesnake Video

It was then I realized I needed to address snake safety with my children and their friends who might come over. 

Then as my children made new friends in our new rural neighborhood, it occurred to me they may encounter a gun.

It turned out, the SCRIPT I developed for snake safety would also work for gun safety

So, I taught my kids and their visiting friends how to be safe when encountering a snake. And, I taught my own kids how to stay safe if they encounter a gun in someone else’s home or anywhere else.

The SCRIPT consists of 4 easy-to-learn steps that even the littlest of our littles can be taught.


STEP 1 – STOP!!!

Teach your little to STOP in their tracks if they encounter a GUN or SNAKE.

child safety


Teach your little to throw up their hand and warn others of the danger to keep them from proceeding.

child safety


Teach your little to slowly back away and instruct others to do the same.

child safety


Teach your little to get an adult or instruct someone in the group to get an adult.

Child Safety

My children never had to use the SCRIPT for a snake. 

But, one day my 2nd grader came home from our neighbor’s house and told me how they came across a gun when searching through a hall closet. 

I asked her what they did and she told me when they found the gun, she took charge.

She stopped the other kids from going near it, warned them what had been found and to stay away, and then directed her friend to go get her dad.

It still gives me goosebumps to recount the story, because the result could have been so different. 

Safety lessons like these are so important. Especially for things we may only rarely encounter. 

Teaching and reinforcing a Child Safety SCRIPT is one way to be in your child’s ear, when you might not be close by.

I hope your little ones never encounter a rattlesnake or gun when an adult may not be nearby to protect them. And that if they do, this simple SCRIPT could very well save their life.

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