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Confirmed: April the Giraffe Is NOT Pregnant!

Oooh girl, I feel for you April! I too have been falsely accused of being pregnant when in fact I was just four months postpartum and one burrito deep! But I am just me, and you….well you’re APRIL THE GIRAFFE!? This is catastrophic! Your popularity is based on the fact that you are a glowing mama giraffe waiting on the arrival of your precious babe! How could this happen?! We’ve been eagerly anticipating your little long neck to make the approximately four-foot fall into this word and now it’s all a lie???


Turns out the Adventure Park was paid by Toy’s R Us to pull this publicity stunt as the famous Geoffrey the Giraffe Trademark has been losing his popularity. But really? At the expense of April? Not cool!

So how did the truth come out? It was like every other morning at the Adventure Park – The doctor entered the space where April the Giraffe has been on live feed for MONTHS now! Obviously the doctor was in on it. So as she pretended to check on the mother and giraffe calf someone in the background slipped up! – IT WAS CAUGHT ON THE LIVE STREAM CAMERA!!! Whoopsie!!! Take a look here >>>>>>>>> Adventure Park Apologizes to the Public

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