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Great Moms Have Dirty Dishes

dirty dishes

Great moms have dirty dishes.

Great moms have beds that aren’t made.

Great moms have dust on the furniture.


Did I also mention that great moms sometimes forget to put on make up or put that last load of laundry in the dryer?


Reality check!!!!


All great moms are not perfect! It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, the fact is that sometimes your life will not run as smoothly as you want. Schedules get crazy and things will not get done. You may get to the point where you will feel overwhelmed and stressed. Maybe you’ll even begin to question yourself, “am I a great mom?”

And here is the answer to that question. You are not just great, YOU are an AMAZING MOM! You possess the one true quality that makes you special… YOU and all other great moms out there go out of their way to try and create a perfect, fun and loving world for their children.

The fact that you are worrying about whether you are a great mom automatically means that you are a GREAT MOM!!! You belong to that special group of women who run around finishing dinner in the middle of soccer and gymnastics practice. Women who rush to the grocery store in the middle of the baby’s midday nap while waiting to dial in to a last minute conference call. Women who take sewing classes to make a perfect Halloween costume or watch YouTube videos all day to make that perfect mermaid braid. Women who stay up all night nursing their baby or working on their kids high school project that is due the next day.

Remember, a great mom is not measured by what she has in her bank account or how her house sparkles at the end of the day. She is measured by the love she has for her children and the many creative things she does behind the scenes to make her baby’s life happier and sweeter in every possible way.

So next time your sink is full of dishes or your bed is not made, I challenge you to focus on how much you love your children and what a great job you are doing every single day. And now that you know how awesome you are it’s time you formally became a member of the Great Moms Club!

If you needed to hear this today, let us know! What makes you a great mom?

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