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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Bonfires and S’more

One of my favorite family activities is a summer night bonfire by the bay.

At least one night per summer, we gather the hot dogs, marshmallows, folding chairs, and wood and head to the bay with the kids. Together, we build the fire, roast the food, and see which way the conversation goes. Usually, our conversation revolves around history, music, sports, and favorite you tubers. Annual bonfire trips have become one of our most anticipated summer traditions.


Unfortunately, the majority of bonfire pits have been removed from San Diego beaches. However, with a little research and a bit of adventure we can still enjoy a bonfire on a few local beaches and bays. Where can we find bonfire pits still in existence in San Diego?

My family’s summer tradition takes us to Crown Point along Mission Bay every year. We like to venture out midweek in order to avoid the weekend crowds that require us to save a pit early in the morning. We also love the incredible view of the Sea World firework show that takes place around 9 p.m. each night. Smores, family, and fireworks: Yes Please!

Further Bonfire locations include:

South Mission Beach has become one of my favorite beaches now that my kids are older. The beach includes basketball courts, volleyball nets, picnic space, and an ample supply of bonfire pits.

South Mission Bay, just across from South Mission Beach, also has a few bonfire pits throughout the area. The bay has paths for bike riding, running, and even a leisurely stroll with a stroller. It also includes a small playground for those with younger children.

South Shores Park Beach has a large sandy beach and is located very close to Sea World, ensuring an excellent view of the evening fireworks show.

Fiesta Island, located near Sea World is a somewhat secluded location near Mission Bay. Be sure to arrive early if you choose this spot as it is quite popular amongst teenagers and college students.

Last, I noticed that there is a Beachfire Guy in the business of helping us achieve the perfect bonfire when desired. He will save us the work and hastle that sometimes keeps us from the enjoyment of bonfire traditions by delivering a pit that meets county safety requirements and where fire pits are still allowed. He will also allow us to create a custom bonfire package that can include chairs, s’mores, and more!


We are still exploring the best places in San Diego for bonfires and smores. What beaches and bays have you ventured to in search of a bonfire pit?



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