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An Open Letter To The Single Momma I Haven’t Met…

Momma… I see you.

To the single momma making raising her little humans to be respectful, kind and intelligent bigger humans look so easy, I see you.

I don’t know you on a personal level because we have yet to officially meet but we have quite a bit in common: We’re both boy moms. We both have our littles in swim class on Mondays and Wednesdays at the same pool and we both work for the same organization in the fitness department – which might play a part in why you catch my eye, a familiar face.

However, I do know that at work you run a kick-butt department. Your numbers are great, your floor is tidy and your staff is happy.

I do know that yousingle-handedlyy pay for all three of your children to get the best education you could find in your neighborhood.

I do know that every time I’m sitting in the way of your children getting their life jacket to go in the pool they use their “excuse me’s, please and thank you’s.”

Every Monday and Wednesday after their swim lessons are done and after you’ve worked anything from a 8-10 hour shift, you get in the pool for family swim with your children. That alone is so much to see because I hate getting in pools. And that’s just two days out of the week! I can only imagine what the rest of their weeks look like.

So momma, no, I don’t see all the behind the scenes and what you’ve had to go through to get here. And I don’t know if you’re barely holding yourself together or what you have to do to just show up every day. But I do see three incredibly positive additions to this so broken and harsh world we live in. I do see three friends I would be so grateful for if my son brought them over for a play date.

The way our children present themselves says a lot about how they’re raised. Yes, there are so many environmental, biological and genetically involved factors that play a role in our children’s development, but momma, I see you.

I see the all love and attention that you put into your children. I see you in the respect, kindness and intelligence your children show me, a complete stranger regularly. I haven’t officially met you, but I see you.




If you are a single momma looking for support- please join our amazing San Diego Single Mom Support Group!!!

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