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12 Fabulous Ways To Freshen Up Your Wardrobe This Spring

Becoming a mom… so many things change! Our entire world is turned upside down as our hearts burst with love for our little sweethearts. Do you know what else tends to get turned upside down? Our wardrobe! While we figure out how to best care for and love our sweet kiddos, all too often our style and what’s in our closet goes straight out the window.  
Freshen Up Your Mom Style wardrobe

As Spring approaches, this is the opportune season to bring re-birth, vibrancy, renewal and beauty back into your wardrobe. Be bold, take a leap of faith, and start fresh… with your style! You are worth it. Your motherhood deserves it. Your family wants you to look amazing and love yourself. 

12 quick & easy style and fashion tips on how to add fun, zippy sass and additional pizzazz to any style!

  1. Mix It Up
    Experiment with something new; different styles or articles of clothing. For example, in the warmer months, instead of shorts, try a feminine dress! Dresses are the chicest and easiest piece of clothing to quickly incorporate into your wardrobe. They are, as I call them, “one piece wonders”. Mix and match looks and styles as well as clothing from different price points.
  2. Shop Everywhere
    Always be on the lookout for a special piece, whether it is from Forever 21 or a cute, little boutique downtown. Shopping all different price points adds such a variety – one day while you are running errands you may find an adorable, affordable dress at Target… then a week later, while roaming through Nordstrom, pick up a beautiful scarf or a stunning statement necklace. Boutiquing requires a bit more time but it is well worth an afternoon set aside if you are looking for a unique piece and a little something special that not everyone has access to.
  3. Try a Top Trend
    Give one of the coming season’s top trends a try. May I gently recommend approaching trends in an age-appropriate way. Also, I don’t recommend spending a lot on anything that is über-trendy; instead go for an accessory that embodies the trend. Spend reasonably and still be fashionable!
  4. Have a Professional Bra Fitting
    This experience will change your life! You will look thinner, clothes will drape better on your body and your breasts will thank you for the proper and much needed support. I recommend that you purchase at least one every-day-wear bra, in nude, and one bra that makes you feel confident and sexy. Spice it up ladies! 
  5. Be Daring with Color
    Experiment with a “new” color, something out of your comfort zone. Or a baby step option would be to choose a different hue or shade of your favorite color and integrate that into your current wardrobe. Your skin loves fresh splashes of color and you will look more alive and in turn, feel invigorated!

    Freshen Up For Spring wardrobe

       PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2017

  6. Embrace Accessories
    Accessories are fun, easy to use, inexpensive and quick to purchase (no waiting for a dressing room required with a screaming baby in toe). They add a brilliant shot of color or sheen along with sassiness and personal style to any ensemble. Accessories can be trendy, classic, budget-friendly or a complete splurge. They are your best friend when aiming to dress for success and not be a bore!
  7. Bring Pattern into Your Life
    This style tip is quickest done via accessories, however, I highly recommend taking the time, at least twice a year, to shop for a sweet little blouse, cardigan or blazer and a great, classic dress in any pattern(s) you love. Patterned clothing, shoes and accessories deliver more “bang for your buck”, hide stains and they also keep the eye moving which is a great trick to get the focus off of a particular area of the body. Bring home some new additions this spring; try a printed handbag, bracelets, belts, scarves and my all-time favorite… shoes!wardrobe
  8. Look to Nature… For Inspiration
    It’s all around us, accessible, if we choose to open our eyes to the beauty, the awe, the inspiration! Feeling blah? Let nature breathe new life into your styling ideas via colors, patterns, textures, shine, movement and combinations found all across God’s green earth. 
  9. Color Me Sassy
    Zippy, cheap and easy, nail polish is a favorite way to add personality to your look, any day of the week. A manicure and/or pedicure does wonders for your self-confidence.
  10. Test Run a Different Shoe Style
    Ready to step up your shoe style? Spring and Summer cry out for French-inspired espadrilles,
    Are you always wearing flats? Wedges are fun, easy and they offer a leg lengthening look along with stability. 
    Do you love your American style tennis shoes, a little too much? Embrace Euro-style sneakers, like Pumas, for example. They are sleeker, thinner and lighter. Plus they come in a variety of styles and colors to suit all individual styles.
  11. Expand Your Jewelry Collection
    Be on the hunt for a few dynamite wooden pieces; they pop any look with a slightly earthy, natural vibe. A few wood bracelets are a key staple. Wear them together or mix and match with other styles of bangles. This is also a fun place to wear ethnic pieces. Hand carved in South America? Wear it! A gift from a loved one who traveled to Africa? Proudly add it to the mix! Bringing in wooden accessories grounds your look and offers a slight organic flair… but nothing too over the top.
  12. Freshen Up Your Self-Care Regime
    The time is now; it is important to take care of you! Try a new hair style and feel instantly younger and sexier. Freshen up your makeup routine with a new eye shadow and awaken your eyes from their wintery slumber. Pick out a new favorite perfume and embrace a fresh version of yourself with a spritz or two of yumminess. Putting a little time, money and effort aside, for self-care, goes a long way. It is an absolute need every woman possesses and I encourage you to give back, to yourself, this spring!

As we continue on in our self-care mission for 2017- keep sharing with us what you are doing to take care of you! Remember to tag us or use #SDMBselfcare2017 

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