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Apps for Kids This Summer: Reading, Math, and Creation Learning

Summer learning apps are necessary this time of the year. I’m a mom of a 6 month old, but I’ve been a primary teacher for much longer than that. I can tell you that learning apps play a large role in the way kids learn and remain engaged during the Summer. Entertaining and teaching a child is no easy feat, especially during the Summer months.  

When they’re not out soaking in the sun or building s’mores by the campfire (or microwave), most parents have shared with me that their kids just want screen time. What better (and more sneaky) way to get in more fun math and reading learning than with Summer learning apps for kids.


To help you with time compiling for yourself, I’ve compiled a list for elementary aged kids apps with the focus on math, reading, and creation. Your child can you use one or use them all. The goal is to get them excited about learning while getting the screen time that they desire. It might even help us moms get in a cup of hot coffee in the process!

Math Apps

Sushi Math is completely free and offers plenty of multiplication and addition practice.
Number Frames is also free and great for kids starting out with numbers. This app allows them to compare numbers and make better sense of them.

Number Line is another free math app, is great for beginning mathematicians.

Geoboard is created by the same people as Number Line, and it is free and easy to use. The kids gets lots of practice using shapes to create more shapes.

Operation Math is $2.99 and the perfect app for kids that like math and spy work. The math work is in the form of drills, so this will raise math fluency.

Math Vs Zombies may be the most expensive at $4.99, but this silly game is a hit with the kids! The concepts covered are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with single and double digit numbers.

Reading Apps

Newsela is an amazing free app for kids reading at 3rd grade and above. Kids are able to find real articles about real events in the world, and they can choose whatever topic they want to learn more about.

Epic! has free books for students to read whenever they want. All things considered, this app will be a favorite among your kids.

Sesame Street eBooks is also free with a subscription. This is great for the early readers.

PBS Kids Games is a collection of free apps, and is by far the most comprehensive of all of these apps. There are reading, math, science, and even social studies games on here.

Creation Apps

TeleStory is a free app that allows young kids ages 6-8 to be creative! They can write, narrate, and star in their stories.

Pages (free) may require extra attention in the forefront, but once the kids get started creating fun, creative pages they will not want to stop! They can make collages of their personal photos, make one page stories, and the possibilities are endless.

Explain Everything ($9.99) is great for kids that love to use digital media to create videos! They can create a video to explain how they make a pb&j sandwich or how to play that game that all their friends love.

Book Creator ($4.99) is for your creative, critically thinking child. They can create a book all on their own!

Leave me your suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to hear about what apps are favorites in your home!

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