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Our Mission :: Deserving Mom Recap

We are working hard to connect with our community… YOU!

If you remember, a few weeks back, we did an open call for a #deservingmom campaign. 

We allowed you to nominate a deserving mom/friend/sister/aunt/neighbor- and that you did! The responses came pouring in! We had just over 30 nominations!

In partnership with Elsa’s Floral Design, we wanted to choose 4 deserving moms to deliver flowers to- to say thank you. These mamas need to hear it and we were glad to deliver!

Our girl Christelle delivered the first round to Darleen Ledbetter. She was completely surprised and there may have been some tears shed! Thank you to her nominator, Amber Stewart! 

deserving mom

Our events team member, Vee, delivered flowers to another #deservingmom, Jill!!! The flowers from Elsa’s Floral Design are so beautiful!

We love our community. Thank YOU for being here and thank you for being an amazing mom!

deserving mom

Coming at you with our next #deservingmom was Victoria. Elsa’s Floral Design gave her a beautiful arrangement! Her wonderful coworker and friend Yajaira told us what an amazing mom/friend/light in the community that she is! Thank you ladies for being a wonderful example. You are so deserving Victoria!

Lastly, #deservingmom Bethany was nominated by her sister Aubree! We were so happy to surprise her with some beautiful flowers from Elsa’s Floral Design to let her know we appreciate her!


There are SO MANY deserving moms in this community, and we wish we could celebrate you all the time! We WILL be doing more projects like this for our community, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you know when our next contest comes up!


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