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That One Time I Met Chris Hemsworth And Almost Peed My Pants

Y’all, I’m a mom of three, and they’re all little. I’m talking three under the age of five, which means I wipe butts, answer “why” questions all day long, have a permanent messy bun on top of my head, and my “me time” moments happen when I sneak in bathroom breaks upstairs to pee after my husband comes home (if he’s even in town). Just keeping it real.

So when the surreal opportunity came up to take a (kid-free) trip up to Los Angeles for a screening of the movie 12 Strong, starring Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor from Marvel’s Avengers), I jumped at it.

For real. I jumped up and down (while holding in the pee, because… three kids), because it meant staying in a posh hotel in Beverly Hills (A L O N E), with room service whenever I wanted it, and…the best part: seeing Chris Hemsworth in the flesh, along with the rest of the cast of the film.

chris hemsworth

Going away for those 24 hours was an actual dream come true.

I’ll keep the next part brief since I’m sure you want to hear more about Chris Hemsworth, but let’s just say that the journey of getting up to L.A. was luxurious, and I’m contemplating asking for a round trip train ride for my birthday next year, even if it means going up there, turning around, and coming right back.

I sat in business class, which is only a few bucks more than coach, and beyond worth the price of a regular ticket. Riding in business class means you get a free drink (I had wine), a seat at the window to watch the beach, a snack box (that’s waaaaaay better than I’ve ever received on an airplane), no kids to watch, and I read a book. See? Luxurious.

chris hemsworth

I stayed at The London West Hollywood (read my review on it here), and it was just as chic and amazing as it sounds.

As part of the press trip, we got to see a screening for the movie before it came out for the public, which was every bit as cool as it sounds; I highly recommend you see the movie.

chris hemsworth

But the cool part came the next day for the press junket. I was there with a group of military bloggers, and we were going to have a roundtable chat with Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth’s wife who is also in the movie, but she couldn’t make it. Instead, if we were interested, they had a fill-in: Chris himself.

Yes. Yes, we were very interested.

So, here’s the thing. I like to think I’m a pretty regular girl. I realize that movie stars put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. But then I saw Chris Hemsworth enter the room, and y’all, he literally took my breath away. I realized something else: he really is a demi-god.

Let me back up just a quick second: all the bloggers sat around an actual round-table, and we had a few minutes before he entered to find a seat and catch our nerves. My hands were visibly shaking, so I sat on them.

After everyone took their place, I realized there was one empty chair next to me. My mind shouted, “CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS GOING TO SIT NEXT TO YOU. OH MY GOD.” But my body just sat there practically paralyzed… because I was afraid if I stood up I’d faint.

chris hemsworth

chris hemsworth

I thankfully didn’t pass out (although, come to think of it, I could’ve landed on his lap if I did, so maybe I’ll keep that in mind for future Chris Hemsworth encounters). I did sit close enough to see the scruff on his face, the very handmade and rugged-looking bracelets around his wrist, and his textured tailored navy blazer that totally brought out the blue in his eyes.

Also, can we just talk about his voice? It’s charming as heck, and it’s a miracle I didn’t sit there drooling at the table. Also, he was very tan—but not in a “Ross from that one FRIENDS episode” way. His skin looked like it was literally kissed by the sun, and then the tips of his hair looked like it was actually touched by the golden hour. See? Demi god.

This is probably a good place to mention that I’m happily married, and my husband was totally on board with me meeting my crush. (Although, seeing as how it’s been almost five months since our encounter and I still have my head in the clouds, he may be regretting it now.)

I managed to ask Hemsworth a question during our interview, and how I didn’t stumble over my words (or again, fall into his lap), I’ll never know. What I do know is that he is extremely charming (stating the obvious, I know), but he could have been very stereotypical Hollywood and rushed on to the next thing; instead, he let us fan-girl a little.

He offered to take a selfie with each of us, and who were we to say no?

I graciously handed my phone over, and as he put his arm around me (swoon), I flashed my pearly whites. 

While we were cozy in each other’s arms (wink, wink), I found some inner courage and asked one more question about New Mexico (where I’m originally from and where the movie was filmed). I was so nervous I’d get shot down, but instead he laughed and answered it.

Hemsworth stuck around for a little bit after our allotted time together, and then, before we knew it, he passed through the doors he entered only a short time before. And just like that, Thor…I mean Chris, was gone.

If only he knew how many grown women’s dreams he just made come true.

Have you ever met someone so famous that you almost passed out or peed your pants? Or did you somehow manage to totally play it cool? Read more about my interview with Hemsworth and the rest of the 12 Strong cast and filmmakers here.

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  1. Elisa May 3, 2018 at 9:02 am #

    I’m beyond jealous! I mean hello!!!??? Thor 😮😆 How fun! I’ve only ever seen people up close, my chef crush for a long time was Bobby Flay, first time I went to his restaurant in Las Vegas he was there and walked right by our table. I was too much of a wimp to ask for a picture or autograph.

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