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The Sick Kit – Don’t Get Caught Without One

Do you have a sick kit? If not, let me tell you why you absolutely need one!

My kids went back to school and things started off like any other back to school. The outfits were carefully laid out the night before, lunch boxes were in pristine condition, backpacks still smelled like backpacks, their hair was on point, and of course we documented all of this with each kid holding a sign for a picture by the front door. #backtoschool2017 

Then it happened.
It was about 1 a.m. when the first bomb dropped.
We had been hit.
Take Cover!
I had seen it before, it was the Back to School Plague
Fevers, cold sweats, can’t keep anything down…  this year it was back with a vengeance. 

Slowly over the next few days it took us out one by one.
Some of the luckier ones even got it twice.

Since it was August, NOT flu season, and also maybe since I was so focused on making all the back to school preparations… I was completely unprepared for the BTS Plague.

While we are on the topic… Who makes those school supply lists anyway?
(Your eyeball deep in the supplies aisle trying to hold it together like… Keep looking children, surely we can find that magenta folder, with 3 prongs/2 pockets, made of recycled water bottles and the dreams of an optimistic mother. Ticondera #2 pre sharpened pencils? I think not… Dixon is half the price. Crumbling lead will build character and every 50 cents counts.)

Ok, rant over. Back to the war zone… Thing were getting bad. 
I was digging through the pantry for any possible supplies. 
No jello, no crackers, no soup, no gatorade and we were almost out of bleach wipes.

Basically, I was failing motherhood.

After the wretched BTS plague passed… It was my mission to never again be caught so ill-prepared. (see what I did there… ill) So I marched my hiney down to Target and got all sick kit crazy. I was intentional about making this is “flu-type” sick kit specifically as I don’t seem to have much trouble keeping DayQuil, cough drops, and ibuprofen stocked. Also, a cold seems like much less of an emergency. 

Here is a list of all the items I included:

  • Ginger Ale and 7 up (I have 4 kids, they can be picky. Especially when ill, options are a good thing.)
  • Gatorade mix
  • Straws
  • Canned Soup (no need to judge me or Campbell’s… if they are just going to barf it up anyway there is really no need for homemade or organic)
  • Bleach Wipes (again, no judgment needed, if you want to freshly squeeze a lemon and mix it with some organic baking soda to sanitize your cherub’s splatter… you do you.)
  • Jello mix (Ok crunchy ones, divert your eyes)
  • Apple Sauce pouches (Hey look! At least something is organic)
  • Crackers
  • Emergen-C
  • Tea – Stomach Ease by Yogi 

sick kit

It was pretty simple, nothing fancy or complicated and definitely not Pinterest worthy. But I can sleep easier just knowing its there. I packed it all up in a little tote and stashed it on the top shelf of the pantry for the next time we find ourselves in such a conundrum. 

Do you have a sick kit? If so… why haven’t you shared it with the world already? Selfish.

Is there anything I missed? I was thinking Pepto Bismol but that just triggers some nasty childhood memories. Maybe some other type of anti nausea medicine?

This would also make a neat gift… maybe for someone who just moved and hasn’t had the chance to restock these sorta things? 

Let us know in the comments below!


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