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Is This Sign Too Much?

Solicitors love my neighborhood. I’d say we have about one a week come up to our door trying to sell solar, roofing, a religion, curb number painting, you name it!

In this day and age, if I want a service, I use good old Google or Yelp, and just like that, I find the number or email of the company I want to contact and purchase from. Plus, you see who has the best reviews. But apparently, some people really do buy things from those who go door to door!

I was never a fan of solicitors before, due to our dog who goes crazy with anyone at the door, but I became even less of a fan when we had a baby. I work from home and I’m convinced that with a car in the driveway and our blinds open, solicitors see it as an open invitation to approach. Here is what goes down, and perhaps you can relate. A person comes up to door, dog barks like he is saving us from an intruder, the baby is fussing, I vent my frustration at the poor soul at my door telling them “not interested.” Yes, I could put a bark collar on my dog, shut my blinds, park in our garage, but why should I go into hiding to escape from annoying solicitors?

I get that they are just doing a job. Sometimes I want to use my business and personal development coaching skills on them, asking why they picked this profession and help them use their talents to do something so much more meaningful with their lives. Some of them truly are amazing salespeople. Although you never know, maybe they make a killer living going door-to-door?!  Regardless, I don’t want them bothering me anymore. This week when a salesman came to our door, I stepped outside with my baby in my arms (with the dog barking inside it’s way too loud), and I turned the solicitation of questions on him. I said, “I’m not interested in what you are selling but what can I do if I don’t want solicitors to come up to our door?” At first, he didn’t want to answer and even tried to keep selling me on roofing services, but I persisted.

“If I put up a no soliciting sign would you still knock?” His answer was yes!

“What can I do to keep solicitors away?” Here is where he gave me the ultimate piece of wisdom that I will now share with you. He said, “get a gate, I won’t go through a gate.”

I told my husband, “we are getting a gate” and he said he didn’t like that idea. Granted our walkway to our door isn’t designed for a gate, but I’m imagining something waist-high and cute. While I try to convince him on this (or maybe I”ll just get one installed on my own hah!), he encouraged me to get a no soliciting sign and try that. “It’s much cheaper,” he said. I looked online for a sign and found so many hilarious signs! I guess I’m not the only one with a baby and dog who doesn’t want strangers knocking or ringing the bell.


Courtesy: Amazon

My favorite is “Please do not ring the bell or knock. It upsets the dogs which upsets the baby which pisses off the mom!” I found it on Amazon


Other funny ones include “No soliciting unless you are offering free house cleaning and babysitting.” I’m hesitant to buy or make a sign knowing that guy told me it wouldn’t stop him, but at least it would make me laugh every time I saw it entering my house.

In the meantime, I’m looking at Pinterest for gate ideas.


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2 Responses to Is This Sign Too Much?

  1. Elisa
    Elisa May 30, 2018 at 8:29 am #

    I can totally relate! I have had in the past solicitors come up to our door several times a week, trying to sell a number of things. We got a sign made by a local friend of ours it’s kind of funny, but kind of serious too. It has made everyone who reads it laugh and while I’m not sure it has deterred people from knocking. I do know I don’t have as many solicitors now days. Give it a try!

    • Deanne Gustafson May 30, 2018 at 6:26 pm #

      I will! What does your sign say?

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