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A Mother’s Manifesto: Fight For Your Child’s Optimum Health

I have been feeling for some time that we need a Mother’s Manifesto to unite us because something somewhere has gone terribly wrong. Our children are sick. I am old enough to know that this was not always the case.

The peanut ban came three years after my youngest finished kindergarten. There was not one autistic student in any of my children’s classes through the entire duration of their elementary and middle school education. We knew of no children with cancer or kids covered in eczema or children with life-threatening allergies or even what an autoimmune disease was. 

But something has changed. Moms my age know it. Older pediatricians know it. Older school teachers know it. Anyone who has been engaged with children for the last 25+ years knows it. 

Something is wrong in America.

Our Children are Our Future

It is time for all moms to get in the game to protect our health freedoms and defend the health of our family members. It is our job as mothers to make our demands known, with regard to our children’s health, to our legislators and those that seek to lead us. Activism is patriotic, not political or controversial. Activism is a necessary part of our democracy, more so than ever before.

So with that said, I present a Mother’s Manifesto to unite us in the common goal of optimal health for our children…

A Mother’s Manifesto

  • Demand access to clean water and clean and nutritious food – No matter your lot in life, your geographic location, or your personal preferences and choices, clean food and water are necessary inputs for optimum health. We are natural beings that need natural inputs, bottom line. How we got so far from that ideal is beyond me, but we need to get that back for our children’s sake.
  • Demand diverse health care options – We are different in biology and beliefs, health care MUST reflect that difference. The time of trusting your doctor is long past as doctors in conventional practice are bound to offer the standard of care. Doctors may not have enough or offer enough information to help you make a truly informed decision. Do your own research and explore all of your options before making a choice. Do not stand by and allow our government to limit options through industry meddling designed to capture markets and push out the competition in the healthcare arena.
  • Demand the precautionary principle for mass-use items – New electronic technologies, vaccines, and medicines, food technologies, chemicals in cleaning products and personal care products, etc., should be PROVEN SAFE by independent science in a transparent process, BEFORE implementation. Because the U.S. government does not embrace the precautionary principle, as many other countries do, it is incumbent on YOU to research until you feel comfortable… or employ the precautionary principle yourself and opt out as best you can. 

I like to think about it this way. Each person is a unique black box. In black box theory, the old saying goes… garbage in, garbage out. 

optimum health

You cannot put garbage in and expect anything less than a sub-optimum condition. You may not see it right away, but over time as the harms mount, it will become apparent.

Think about all you eat, drink, use intentionally in your daily life, and are subjected to unintentionally in your daily life. Scrutinize everything!!!

You, as a mom, must provide the inputs for optimum health and defend against inputs that lead to poor health. It is that easy. 

What is not easy is living in a country which does not make optimum health the goal and fails in creating policy and legislation which drives us there. Or with industries which obfuscate the truth to place or keep their products on the market. 

Optimum health is not created by treating the outputs, it is created when we fix the inputs to get the output we desire.

That is where we moms come in. And, dads too.

We MUST fight for our children’s optimum health, that is FOR optimum inputs (i.e. organic whole food) and AGAINST sub-optimal inputs (i.e. water contaminated with lead).  

We MUST be for finding the CAUSE instead of only treating the symptoms when our children succumb to a chronic condition. 

We MUST get in the game. If we don’t like what is happening to our children because of policy, legislation or the actions of a business, or your government.

Remember the Mother’s Manifesto. Share it. Live by it.

Moms can (AND WILL) change things for the better!!!!

I believe it!

optimum health

When your child’s health is at stake… be relentless!

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