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No Longer a Slave to Fear- Insider Views on Recent Events

I live in El Cajon and right now, it’s a pretty scary place to live. People are living in fear. There was an incident where a police officer shot an African American man.

Those news headlines have been circling our great nation all year and it’s hard to process; especially when that exact thing is happening right outside your door. The news is saying on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 around 1:00 pm a police officer shot an African American man from Uganda. Oddly enough, I came home only 15 minute before then. How eerie is that!?

Consequently, the following days have been a circus. My street has been closed down all week. Protestors are coming from all over San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. Every news truck I can think of is here. Officers in military gear walk my street. Helicopters circle my apartment complex. In addition, people are walking through the streets chanting “No justice. No peace”. Because of this, my husband doesn’t want me to walk home from my car at night. What is happening to my city?


As I sit here and think of everything that is happening, I notice ONE thing. I am not scared of these incidents. There’s no ounce of fear in my body. Could it be because I had just taken a self defense class? I only feel a deep sadness for the gentleman’s family and for the officers trying to protect our streets. Sadness for the madness people are creating. I believe in their cause but I do not believe in the way it’s being done.


In conclusion, there is a song that has been ringing in my ear all week. This song gives me peace and the situation forces me to turn to my faith for refuge. As a result of these scary times, our world is not as safe as it used to be but this is not the time to be afraid. Our children cannot see how an outside situation scares us. This is the time to process your feelings, educate your children and most of all, make smart choices.

Stay safe, San Diego.

P.S. Excuse the poor quality.  Everyone was moving so quickly.

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