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SDMB Photographer Team

We are so excited to have an incredibly talented team of photographers behind the San Diego Moms Blog. They will capture our events, projects, and help create beautiful images that reflect our mission. We are so happy to share their work and give you some real feedback to be able to recommend them to our readers. In no particular order, here they are!

Meet the SDMB Photographer Team!

Crystal Carr


About Crystal:

Hi Friends! I’m a portrait photographer based in San Diego. Clients describe me as a talented and patient. My friends say I am caring and generous. I’m passionate about portrait photography because it allows me to document moments in my clients’ lives that they want to remember in a beautiful way. I’m a wife to the most handsome man I’ve ever met, mother to two hilarious and wonderfully unique little humans and one gorgeous golden retriever. Beyond that, I find joy in learning piano, volunteering at my church and kids’ schools, hiking, Zumba, running, lifting weights/socializing at the gym, laughing, red wine or bourbon, tea, dark chocolate, watching era films or Sci-Fi and Fantasy series, breaking bread with my tribe, and any way I can find to enjoy this life God has so blessed me with.

619.916.6598 | Instagram | Facebook Website

Crystal’s SDMB projects

Mom Bod 1

Mom Bod 2

Mom Bod 3

Mom Bod 4

Melissa Tarajkowski

Melissa Tarajkowski

About Melissa:

I live in Mission Bay with my husband, two kids and two of the most spoiled dogs in the world. I love gardening, hiking and anything that gets me outdoors. I’m fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling, and collaborating with some pretty awesome people. I’ve been a family photographer in San Diego since 2016. My passion has grown into a profession and for that I’m truly grateful.  

858.354.1311 | Website Facebook | Instagram

Melissa’s SDMB Projects

Mom Bod 1

Mom Bod 2

Mom Bod 3

Mom Bod 4

Jessica Raymond

jessica raymond

About Jessica:

I am a fine art photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, child, and family photography. Originally a Northern California girl who grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, graduated from California State University of Monterey Bay, I began my photography career in the Annapolis, Maryland area, and recently relocated back to the West Coast. I’m now in North County, San Diego and fully embracing the southern California lifestyle! I have three beautiful little girls and an amazing husband of 12 years who is so supportive. In our free time we can be found playing at the beach, surfing, hiking, and snuggling our pups.

Jessica’s SDMB Projects:

Bloom Event

Father’s Day Photo Shoot

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Katherine Beth Evans

katherine evans

About Katherine:

Hi There!
I am a Lifestyle Wedding & Family Photographer based in San Diego! Photography has been my passion for over 14 years and I’m thankful to call it my full-time career! I live in San Diego with my husband of almost 9 years and our two kitties. I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee, although I mostly enjoy it in the most darling local shops with potential or current clients, family and friends. I’m happy to be a part of this team of fellow photographers for such a wonderful blog. My number one dream has been to be a mother, although I have two babies in heaven, I hold onto hope to mother a child on this earth. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!
Katherine’s SDMB Projects
SDMB First Birthday

Laura Weatherly


About Laura:

Hey there! I am a San Diego native and lover of anything outdoors. Growing up in Southern California I learned to appreciate the outdoors and everything that it has to offer including the natural light that I love to use in my photography. I am the mommy of two girls and I am blessed to be married to my best friend for the last 13 years. In my spare time you can find me at a campground, on a hike or splashing in the waves. 

Heather J. Keys

Heather J Keys - Headshot

About Heather:

​​Originally from Sunnyvale, California and transplanted to Southern California when I was 18 years old … I now consider myself a So Cal Gal and reside in Temecula, California. On any given Sunday, you can typically find me drinking a glass of fresh crisp Pinot Gris on my back porch as I listen to the crickets sing and the beautiful tones coming from our record player.

I love being able to capture photos of my family and friends hanging out and enjoying life. I am often found using both natural light and professional portable studio lighting to capture the intimate moments my clients have. I take pride in capturing the pure joy, peace, and fulfillment of partnership and parenthood that is often lost in the chaotic daily life through provoking lifestyle portraits.

Heather’s SDMB Projects

SDMB Mama Hustle Networking Event


Meghan Branlund


About Meghan:

I am a dreamer who lives free, mama to my wild boy Cash and my whimsy love River. I love God, family & gourmet coffee, (not it that order) JK hehe!! I am a goofball at heart, my favorite movie since 4th grade has been Ace Ventura Pet Detective 😉

I am passionate about living the life that you dream of, and not settling because people in society say you need to.

I get a high from being creative. I can’t believe that I get to do this as a career. To me it’s an expression of my heart, not a job. I love creating images that evoke a mood and capture an emotion, showing others my unique perspective. Since my babies are my everything, I especially love to capture family. From the wedding to the birth of the first child to family portraits that will pass through the generations.

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