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Sex Scandals and Motherhood

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you have heard about the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal in Hollywood. I know I have, and I’m not one to sit and watch the news or Entertainment Tonight.

A few moths ago, after the first scandal broke out, I was forced to talk about it with my Teen. You see, she is very much into the Hollywood news and shows. She follows actors on IG and in her circle of friends things like this come up.


sex scandalLet’s backtrack just a bit here…

The day I found out the little baby in my tummy was a girl, I cried! I didn’t want her to be a girl. Why? Well because #metoo !

The ever so popular #metoo hit the scene last year and many famous and non famous women joined in on the movement including one of our own (#metoo Should not be. #itistime) as she wrote about her experience.

I cried because I never wanted my little girl to experience what I had experienced. Because the hard task of raising and protecting this little baby girl inside me, was too much.

Now, let’s come back to the present. Here we are in 2018. The ever so popular hashtag made several women appear in TIME magazine’s Person of the Year 2017.

Why am I writing about it?

Well… Because this topic, this issue, it affects us as mothers. We are responsible for raising adults; men and women who know the difference between good and bad. How many of us sometimes turn a blind eye and think “this doesn’t affect my kid” or “my son would never”. But how many us have the difficult conversations with our kids?

If you do, then more power to you. Share in the comments some of your tips on how to bring up subjects of sex, rape, oversexualized culture, sex scandal, consent etc.

If you think your kids are too small to talk to them about subjects like these, can we just discuss the difference between appropriate touching and inappropriate touching? Yes, this is the culture we live in, the sex scandal culture.

My teen is at an age where physical and emotional conflicts are arising. Come on! Don’t you remember how it was to be a teen? I’ve had to have many conversations with her about things such as consensual sex, and non consensual sex. It’s difficult, I get it!

More so, I am now forced to think differently as my son is coming into the pre-teen age. I want to talk to him and equip him as well. I want him to know how to handle situations with girls in the future, and that he be clear on whether or not a women is consenting, if there’s alcohol involved, if she changes her mind, if…?

Yes, all those if’s! Why? Because I am responsible for raising a young man. A good man.

While these topics are uncomfortable, and at some point I cried at the idea of having to raise kids in this overly sexualized culture, this is where we are.

And I for one, want to have open conversations with my kids.





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  1. ktcahill
    ktcahill January 8, 2018 at 7:52 am #

    Yes!! I understand these feelings with having a boy and girls. #Metoo . So We have made our childrens safety our priority and have had open dialogue with my teen since age 10. With the help of shows like 13 Reasons Why we have had the more difficult conversations too. Even my 9 yr old has heard about touching, anyone makes you uncomfortable, etc. Please Mamas, it is uncomfortable before it comes up but believe me, it will be twice as uncomfortable after the fact!

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