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Storms Coming! 20 Ways to Combat the Rainy Day Blues in San Diego

It doesn’t rain often in San Diego, but when it does- San Diegans tend to drag. Most of us would rather not head out on the slick roads. And my guess is that many use up a few sick days in the midst of the storms. The weather report is in! San Diego is about to see fairly severe rain storms with possible flooding and heavy winds over the next few days. I feel like we are in need of a plan for rainy days!

Rainy Day Activities

20 Ways to Combat the Rainy Day Blues

  1. Join the San Diego Moms Blog Book Club! All chats take place online!
  2. Heat up the hot cocoa and play a long game of monopoly with the kids.
  3. Hurry to your neighborhood DIY store to stock up on some supplies before the storms hit! You’ll be prepared to DIY away on the most rainy day.
  4. Crockpot your favorite stews or chilis to take to work so you don’t have to leave the office during a down pour.
  5. Let’s face it, the preschoolers love to splash in puddles. Be brave and let them! They will never forget it. And you will never forget their laughter and smiles.
  6. Throw out the diet. It’s time to bake cookies, pies, chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Share the yum with the office.
  7. Let the hot cider sit on low in the crockpot all day. Everyone will enjoy the taste and aroma.
  8. The kids are getting restless? Head to one of our few remaining roller rinks!
  9.  Get your kids jumping at Skyzone or Jump Around.
  10. Take the entire family indoor rock climbing after work and school.
  11. Head out to UTC for an ice skating adventure.
  12. Grab some friends and spend the weekend at the nearest bowling alley.
  13. It’s almost love day! Google Valentine crafts to do with the kids.
  14. Heat up the tea and journal or scrapbook.
  15. Create a blanket fort to tell stories and read books with the entire family.
  16. Ask the hubs, parents, or a friend to watch the kids and get a massage or facial.
  17. Have frozen meals available for simple heat up on rainy work days. Crockpot works too!
  18. Let the kids enjoy a giant cup of cocoa and a handful of popcorn after school. We all need a pick me up on a rainy day.
  19. After the kids are in bed, draw yourself a hot bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of wine.
  20. Teach the kids something new: how to cook, blog, fingerpaint, etc.

Alright San Diego moms: It’s your turn to share! What do you do to combat the rainy day blues? We need some ideas and we love to learn from you!


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2 Responses to Storms Coming! 20 Ways to Combat the Rainy Day Blues in San Diego

  1. Jessica January 20, 2017 at 9:50 am #

    Love these ideas! Those yummy treats sound like a great idea and I love the way cider makes the house smell!

    • Christelle
      Christelle January 20, 2017 at 4:02 pm #

      Thanks Jessica! Have a great weekend!

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