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To Summer School Or Not To Summer School? That is the Question.

Like many things that come our way along this parenting road, here I am at a fork in it.

Do I make my kid go to summer school to “stay with the group”, or do I let my kid get a break? What is more important, keeping up with expectations and benchmarks or help this child avoid the school burn out?

Decisions… decisions… tough decisions.

summer school


  • My child is behind. Child could really benefit with some extra help in summer school, even just to give more confidence/reassurance. 
  • Mom doesn’t have to be the “homeschooling teacher” this summer. One less battle to wage.
  • It’s a wonderful FREE opportunity that I’m sure other parents would jump at the chance for. (We all know summer camp costs can become quite daunting.)
  • It’s not as long as a regular school day! In our case summer school is only 4 hours, 4 days a week.


  • No break between school being out for the summer and the summer school start date.
  • It’s San Diego! There is always something planned, always something to do. We may end up missing a lot of summer class time for family and other events already scheduled (though absence doesn’t count against my student).
  • Are we taking up someone’s seat that wants it more? Will they be there everyday? Do they need it more? Maybe their parents aren’t home and need the child care and help. Maybe they don’t have tutors lined up?
  • Summer already blows by fast! There’s really only a month before the next school year starts when you break it down.
  • Stranger Danger for kids and moms? Not sure how I feel about other schools, teachers, students in the district. Most likely none of my kiddo’s friends will be there.

summer school

Yes, I am that “No I Am Not Happy School Is About To Start” kind of mama. That post will always ring true, but it doesn’t weigh as heavy in this decision. I see the pros and cons. And it’s hard to see what would fit for my child.

I’m sure your situation isn’t the exact same as ours, but what weighs more on a mother’s heart? Is it better to use all your available resources? Or should you that much needed break for your kiddo? Do you see your kid already close to that burn out too? Do you still push for that extra month? Is it worth it? Does giving up the freedom summer offers balance out for the chance of some extra class time?

summer school

My concerns and thoughts are this: where do we draw the line on what is best for our children? All children are different. But, sometimes the line is getting blurred.

Am I helping our child get the best set up for their future? Does that extra work set their foundation up on a stronger leg, or do we let them enjoy being a child while they can? Some countries, or even some local schools, are on a year round calendar. Does that fit best for all children?

Free Education & Support VS Childhood Freedoms

Sometimes we all wish parenting did come with that handbook! If only there were easy answers. If only we had that crystal ball that would show us what each choice could lead us to. In the end we are all just trying to do what is best for our children with what resources we have.

This mama is still torn and very undecided. I hope if you are too that this at least makes you feel less alone in this struggle! I wish you the best of luck in your choice. And those of you more seasoned moms, I welcome your wisdom in the comments below!


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