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Taking Time for Self-Care in 2017: Finding My Mom Style

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own!

As many of our readers know, San Diego Mom Blog is putting a lot of emphasis on self-care this year. As moms we tend to put our needs last; I know I am awful at prioritizing myself. Anytime I try to do something nice for myself there seems to be a roadblock: someone needs a snack, there is a mountain of dishes to do, the dogs need to be walked or my family just needs my attention. 

This year I’m trying to take baby steps toward self-care.

I know a weekend at the spa just isn’t happening anytime soon since I have two young children, instead I’m focusing on little things I can do to be kind to myself. One area that I wanted to focus on this year was my appearance. Before kids, I never dreamed of leaving the house without a full face of makeup and an outfit that was put together. These days I’m lucky if I can put on some tinted sunscreen before running out the door with my wild kids.  

Last month, I had Angela of Angela Saint Laurent Image Consulting help me out with my mom style. I will fully admit that my closet is a mess!  Almost all of my clothes lately have been hastily purchased at Target as I’m running through the aisles with my two crazy kids in the cart, nothing really goes together or fits me well. 

I was so nervous to have someone come to my (messy) house and go through all of my clothes, but Angela was amazing! She immediately put me right at ease and was so kind as she looked through my sad clothes.

She offers closet consults, she will come to your house to help you reimagine your wardrobe and put together new outfits that you have probably never tried before. She also offers personal shopping appointments, which sound amazing! As soon as I can get a day without the kids I am going to book some shopping time with her! If you book a shopping appointment with her, she will reserve a fitting room for you and bring clothes that fit your own personal style and body.

I loved this closet consult for so many reasons! 

First, Angela didn’t try to force any clothes on me just because they are “trendy”. The consult was focused on how I can dress to feel great about myself, and some different ways to mix and match clothes. Angela really listened to what I had to say, which I really appreciated. I am not the most fashion forward person, and I was so nervous that I would get talked into trying out clothes that weren’t really “me”. Angela took the time to really hear what I was saying and made some amazing suggestions based on my likes and dislikes. 

mom style

I won’t lie, jean shopping was my favorite part of the consult. Angela has the Like a Glove leggings and app. I put on the leggings, synced it to the app and it instantly told me which jeans would fit my body type best.

In less than 30 seconds I had a huge list of jeans that would work with my exact measurements! We looked through all of my clothes and then she pulled up some websites and gave me some great ideas for clothes that would tie together really well with what I already had. In all honesty, I could have found some of these clothes on my own but it would have taken me 5 times longer and I would have no idea how to pair the clothes to make great outfits.

After my kids went to bed I poured a glass of wine and started doing some online shopping. I took a lot of Angela’s advice to heart and I am so glad that I did! I tossed all of my misshapen sweaters and replaced them with cute t-shirts and cardigans. Just that simple change has made me feel so much more put together during the day. I parted (very sadly) with my unflattering boot cut jeans and upgraded to some super cute straight leg jeans. This was the hardest change for me to make, but it was the best one!

My boot cut jeans were making me look frumpy, (and giving me quite the muffin top) but the straight leg jeans I found with Angela’s help instantly slimmed me and gave me some height. It was such a small change, but it made a huge difference in how I feel when I get dressed in the morning.

mom style

I am so excited to have some color back in my closet! The frumpy grey sweaters are history.

Even though I was really nervous about having Angela come and help me, it was a fantastic experience and wasn’t at all what I was expecting.  I think my biggest take away was that idea that my own fashion doesn’t need to be 100% on trend, it needs to be clothing that helps me feel good about myself. 

As a busy mom, I really appreciated all of Angela’s help.  She saved me a ton of time and I was able to find some great outfits that I really feel good about wearing.

You can contact Angela through her site or via facebook. I highly recommend her services! Plus, if you book a February Closet Consultation, you receive a free hour of shopping as a gift from Angela!

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