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Top 5 Fall Locations in San Diego for Family Photos (Plus Other Photo Tips!)

Tis’ the season for family photos! Where are some of the best San Diego locations, and what should you wear to those family photos? We polled our photographer team, and got those answers for you! The top locations in San Diego can be visited year round (even in fall!) because of San Diego’s beautiful weather!

Top 5 Locations in San Diego for Photos:

Balboa Park

Crystella Photography family photos

Crystella Photography

La Jolla Shores

family photos

Crystella Photography

Presidio Park

family photos

Katherine Beth Photography

Mission Trails

fall family photos

Jessica Raymond Photography

Windandsea Beach

fall family photos

Katherine Beth Photography

Other Popular Locations:

Downtown, Marian Bear Memorial Park, Julian, and Presidio Park.

Check out our photographer team page and make sure you book them ASAP for your family photos. Their slots are filling up fast, so you want to make sure that you don’t miss out!

Tips to make your family photos memorable:

Jessica Raymond says layer it up for fall. Neutral tones with a pop of color really make a statement. Try some accessories like hats or scarves for those added details. The golden tones of the fall grass at Mission trails looks beautiful in the fall as well. 

Katherine Beth says that she loves the family to stay true to themselves, but dress it up just a little more than normal. Being comfortable is key. I always suggest a dress for the gals as the San Diego breeze creates such a beautiful and flattering effect. I suggest staying away from prints, patterns, jeans, tees, and store logos. I typically suggest neutrals that’s complimented by the fall colors for the park; creams, whites, grays. For the beach I suggest different shades of blue and khaki for the guys bottoms. For an urban style I suggest more formal black and or darker bold colors. Having your hair fully down can sometimes be tricky at the beach but again the motion from the wind is perfect!  

-Make sure to have non sugary snacks on hand that won’t leave a color stain for the kiddos. Bring graham crackers, bananas, applesauce squeeze packs and water etc. Only bring a kids toy or stuffed animal if you want it photographed, but try not to bring it out until it’s absolutely necessary as it will become a distraction. 

Crystal says that her quick tip for coordinating outfits is, “instead of being ‘matchy’ try for ‘meshy’ ” i.e.: choose a palette of 4-5 colors and mix and match those for the whole family. Don’t be afraid to dress it up! Dresses and skirts look stunning because they really flatter every female body, especially on camera. She suggests to get your hair and makeup professionally done and remember to accessorize! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, etc! That includes the men in the family: watches, ties, belts. 


This is all such great advice from our experts. Where are your favorite spots in San Diego to get your family photos taken? 


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