Passionate About San Diego
and the Moms Who Live Here
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Last Summer, I Ran Away

Last summer, I was in desperate need of alone time and adventure so I ran away. I received a call from my lifelong friend, Laurie, who asked if I would like to venture North for a bit of excitement and celebration. My friend had come up with the wonderful idea to have 40 adventures throughout her 40th […]

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Scootering: It’s a thing!

Scootering. It’s a thing. Especially in San Diego. Who knew?! I certainly didn’t until 2 months ago. In fact, my 2 teenage boys and ten year old son often discuss their favorite you tubers. Still, I had zero idea that the famous you tubers include professional scooter riders. Now I know. First, my boys told […]

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Great Moms Have Dirty Dishes

Great moms have dirty dishes. Great moms have beds that aren’t made. Great moms have dust on the furniture.   Did I also mention that great moms sometimes forget to put on make up or put that last load of laundry in the dryer?   Reality check!!!!   All great moms are not perfect! It […]

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