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Can “Online” Tutoring Really Work? {Sponsored Post}

Can “online” math tutoring really work??? If you want the quick, Honest answer, then, YES!

Not unlike many other parents out there, my husband and I were at our wits end! We felt like we were banging our heads against the wall just trying to find what weird puzzle piece we were missing to make our daughter’s math world click. 


We researched ways to get our daughter excited about math when we got lucky and found our sponsors over at Revolution Math. To be honest, I was totally confused as to what I was really signing up for. I figured anything was worth the try, but I remained skeptical that online tutoring would be the thing to help. To my surprise, not even a month after starting our free trial period, did both my daughter’s teacher’s see a HUGE improvement! They didn’t know we were trying any type of tutoring, so I brought it up during parent-teacher conference. Both my husband and I were shocked that Revolution Math was so effective! We knew right there we were going to be actual customers. Finally we found that one boost we needed!


If you are thinking about using Revolution Math, here’s a breakdown of what happens:

  • Right off the bat, your child receives a “Welcome Box.” It has all the things your kid needs to get them into this crazy online journey, and what kid doesn’t get excited about mail!?

(Welcome Box: math book, tie in characters, & extra goodies to help your kid on this math adventure.)

  • I’ve noticed that doing this process online allows our kid to be in a stress-free enviornment which enables them to flex their curiousity muscles. The setting doesn’t give them pressure of someone constantly looking over them. Heck, we were even able to do it when we were at Grammy’s house! It fits with our schedule. A real fantastic bonus, there are no tutors at my doorstep! I’m not freaking out about what dishes are in my sink or that the pillows on the couch are in disarray! There is none of the hassle of an in-home tutor; no hosting required!
  • Why do kids love it? This is the big part I didn’t get because they aren’t actually going over your kiddo’s homework. Your child meets with their dedicated teacher in weekly 1-hour meething where they embark on exciting math adventures (role play). While there, math problems need to be solved in order to help your kid’s character make it to the next step. I equate this to a kid friendly version of DD (Dungeons and Dragons, if you don’t speak geek). 
  • Parents and kids love the tutors! They have been AMAZING for our daughter. We have meet 2 tutors and she has loved both. They lead the “story” in a great way in order to get them to learn. I’ve even caught my kid applying tricks that she got from her tutors on her school work without any prompting. 

  • Now, let’s talk about motivation! Doing homework, and participating in the class, the student gets points for. The big key is, with those points, they get prizes! Real PRIZES, not cheap plastic junk that they are gonna toss the moment you aren’t looking. For example, my daughter’s first prize was a Harry Potter Funko Pop! and she is currently working very hard to get enough for a huge Lego Set.
  • Class ratios are low (squads are between 2-4 kids), which helps kids to stay engaged and encouraged. If your child is social like mine, they will like that they get to meet other kids in the same math boat, but from different places.

There’s a few things I also recommend: when signing up, have the phone number (877-738-7737) on hand in case there are any technical errors or questions. Because it’s a newer site, I had a few during that part, but it was all squared away pretty fast. I also needed to change my schedule- and they were really accommodating. Personally, my kid does better in her own space, so having a ipad/tablet is helpful. It is just as possible on a desktop, but I think she gets more out of it that way.

Seriously, I can’t believe my kid “looks forward” to math time.

This really has been an amazing experience.

If your child is struggling with math (and in grades 2-5) or even looking to get ahead, I do encourage that you give this program a shot! San Diego Moms Blog has partnered with Revolution math to offer you the following promo to our readers:

Revolution Math is currently offering families the opportunity to try one of our after-school programs for FREE for an entire month. On top of that, for a limited time, they are waiving the enrollment + materials fee ($99 value). Give Revolution Math a risk free trial today…and your kids will thank you tomorrow!


If you have any specific questions, please email the Program Director – Mike Hassen

([email protected])

I hope it helps your child(ren) as much as it’s helped mine!

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