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Searching for Hope After a Tragedy


I went to bed at around 8 pm on Sunday. It was a long day and I was spent. A little later my husband came into our bedroom and said there had been a shooting. I asked where and he told me the details of the Las Vegas shooting, then said “3 people so far”. I sighed and tried to fall back asleep with my final thoughts being about those 3 people.

Those people loved music; they gathered to enjoy music with friends and family never thinking that a tragedy would strike and that they wouldn’t make it home. 

Monday morning I woke and immediately searched my phone for any more news about what had happened. Death toll: 50 people. As I write this, the number has risen to 58. The number of injured is staggering. My heart weighs 100 pounds as the sadness hit me.

But was I surprised? 

While our children dug into their breakfast, my husband and I shared coffee and our thoughts on the tragedy. He was surprised and worried. He’s a bit of a prepper. When most families arrive at a restaurant they grab menus, but he looks for exits. When you’re at Costco stocking up on snacks, he is the one loading case after case of water in our car. He has a plan for most things. I guess that’s the reality of our lives these days.

But what’s the plan for an outdoor concert? We don’t have one. How do we prepare for each act of potential violence? How much energy do we put into preparing before it turns into panicking? I hear that voice saying that I shouldn’t assume there will be more acts of violence, but isn’t it our reality now? 

Don’t live in fear

I want to say that I don’t live in fear, but at this moment I can’t. I refuse to be caught off guard as much as that seems impossible. I’m cautious and at times I’m afraid. I will put on a strong face for my children who don’t know what happened- but I must admit I feel a bit hopeless. 

As the days pass by, I know that I will regain strength and positivity but will it always be that way? You and I are raising compassionate leaders. We’re teaching kindness and acceptance but is that enough? Is it too little and too late for our children? 

How do you find comfort and strength after each tragedy? What words do you say to your children (teens and adults too) to explain these acts of violence? What can mothers do after this to change our children’s futures? Let’s start a conversation. We would love to link arms with you and make a change.


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