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To Love

As a little girl growing up, we all dream of our dream wedding. We have our Barbies marrying Ken. We memorize our own wedding vows. And as we get older, we go through relationships trying to find that Ken from when we were younger. Then finally, you meet your future spouse and get married. What […]

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Learning My Own “Mom” Love Language

From the outside, I had the perfect love filled family growing up: Mom and Dad were happy together, we had a nice house, I had a sister, dogs, and tons of support around me. For these things I will always be thankful. Once I became a mom- I realized that what I experienced growing up […]

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My Heart Aches for Sutherland Springs

Sunday afternoon I got a text from my teen that there had been another shooting. As I pulled up to the parking lot where I was meeting a friend, I quickly grabbed my phone to look up any information I could. It hit me at the core as I found out the shooting happened at […]

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