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Friday Favorites :: Back to School Edition

School is either already in session or it’s about to be back in session for all us San Diego moms. 

This week, we are featuring some mom must have items for back to school!

Personally, I am big on re-using. I like to steer clear of plastic containers that are not reusable because there are plenty of products out there that can be used over and over again. My girls have old lunch boxes, (still good!) and we use bento box type of tupperware to house their snacks and lunches. It’s great for on the go, even for our homeschooling family.

Our family also really likes our reusable snack and sandwich bags. These are from AtMat SplatMat and they are very durable, and you can throw them in the wash! Don’t expect your snacks to stay fresh overnight in these, however, since they obviously don’t completely seal out the air. However, my kiddos finish their snacks in no time, so it’s not an issue for us.

We are also very planned out, otherwise it’s complete chaos when the family isn’t all on the same page. We have multiple sports and activities, doctors/dentist appointments, and it can get a little busy. I keep everything updated in my personal calendar (affiliate link here), but that doesn’t mean that everyone else knows what’s going on. That’s where this dry erase calendar board comes in. You can customize each month, and write all your activities down so NO ONE misses anything. We got ours from Target I believe, but you can get one just like it on Amazon (affiliate link).

Also, don’t forget about yourself during this hectic time. You will become a taxi driver in no time, and it’s important that you take care of yourself as well. Whether you are hiding in the bathroom eating licorice, or packing yourself a healthy lunch while you pack the kiddos lunches, make sure you have some time for you!

What do you absolutely need for back to school whether it’s you or your kiddos?? Share with us in the comments below!

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