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Calling all Moms and Dads… Just VOTE! It’s Patriotic!

Confession time. I’m a recovering politics and news junkie.  So, I am refreshed to find myself in a place where politics is to be left outside the blog door.  You will find no mention of a Presidential Candidate or Mayoral Race or the many other state and local politicians and issues up for a vote of the people on Election Day this November 8th.

This post isn’t about politics, it is about Patriotism…. biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig difference.

This post is about the Patriotism that resides in each of us, as Americans who love our country, no matter who or what party is in power or the corruption in our system of government.



If you believe it is patriotic to vote, but you have never registered – OR – you have changed your name, you’ve moved or want to change your party affiliation,  HERE is a link to find out how to register in every state.  (San Diego and California-specific links are at the end of this post).

As American Moms and Dads, it is vitally important for each of us to voice our beliefs and what we expect of our government to those who wish to lead us and represent us.  ESPECIALLY pertaining to our children because our kids and grand kids will live in the world we create and leave them with, purposefully or otherwise.

I used to feast on the 24-hour news cycle and I dutifully marched myself down to the polls on Election Day.  These days, I no longer binge on the endless supply of snippets, talking points and messaging.

But, I do continue to get informed and I vote because I believe it IS my civic duty as a citizen in our representative democracy and I believe it IS the patriotic thing to do.

Remember, you do not have to understand or know every single issue or candidate on the ballot.  You can ballot for one item, a handful of items, or all of the items.

So, if you want only to vote for President of the United States….


If you only care about that one local issue that affects you and your community…


If there is a state-wide Proposition (also called a Citizens Initiative) that you believe in…


If you really want that guy or gal as your next Mayor or Congressperson or State Legislator or School Board Member or…just-vote

If you find yourself feeling it impossible to choose from the two-party candidates or that they are not addressing the issues you care about, then remember we have ‘third’ parties offering candidates.

You may not favor one of the third-party candidates and frankly, most have little chance of winning as the system is now.  But, a third-party vote this election is a vote for a change in the system.


As a third party grows, our political process deftly, though sloooooooooooowly by design, self adjusts to reflect the will of the people.  Brilliant!



A vote, any vote, even a ’throw-away’ or ‘protest’ vote or a vote ‘to keep the other candidate out’, is a vote for Patriotism and our form of Democracy.

So, without being political and with great American Patriotism I can say…


San Diego County Registration and Voter Information

Register or Re-register to Vote: HERE. (Deadline October 24th)

A party affiliation change is NOT required to vote for candidates of a different party than your own in a General Election.

To register online you will need:

  • Your California driver license or California identification card number
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • Your date of birth.

2016 Dates and Deadlines: HERE.

In another State? Find a link to register to vote in your state HERE.

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