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Top Money Saving and Budgeting Apps (and other tips!) for the Busy Mom

Have you ever tried (multiple times) to set up your own budget, only to give up two weeks later? It’s not an easy task, and adding the difficulty of planning it with your spouse can make it even harder. 
To save you some trouble, the San Diego Moms Blog team has come together and voted for their top money saving and budgeting apps:
Budgeting Apps:
Every Dollar (Dave Ramsey app) allows you to set your own budget (!!) and record your spending to make sure you stay on track. It also syncs across all your devices so that it’s constantly up to date.
Mint connects to your bank account to help you stay on track and emails you weekly to let you know how you are doing. You can also check your credit score through this app!
When in doubt, or you can’t decide on an app that works for your budgeting system, try using cash. As Dave Ramsey’s “envelope system” suggests, it is harder to spend cash that’s in an envelope, than it is to swipe a card. There is a set amount of cash for each category, and once that envelope is out of money, you don’t use anymore.
Money Saving Apps:
Target Cartwheel app (because all moms shop at Target)- This app gives you coupon choices based on what you plan to buy at Target. Then the cashier scans your barcode and all your savings are added to your receipt! It’s super easy to save!
Shopkick- Get “kicks” or points just for walking into stores! Scan items that are asked through the app, and earn even more kicks! Those kicks turn into gift cards.
Save money on entertainment:
Did you know that the average family spends $2,835 on recreational activities? It adds up when a trip to the movies for a family of four costs as much as $80! 

It’s easy to save money by using Netflix or Redbox instead of heading to the movie theatres. Still want to head to the theatre? Check out local movie theatres for $1 movie days!

Check out our monthly events posts when you are looking for budget and family friendly events. Some of the events we post are free or nearly free! The moms in our community like to gather together for fun play dates at places that are free or nearly free- take the new Civita Splash Park- we love to hang out there during this warm Summer. Don’t forget to take advantage of free Tuesday admission at our local museums.
We also have an awesome kids eat free guide where your kiddos can score a free meal!
Lastly, meal planning and prepping is a big one for money saving and we have a printable (below) that you can print, stick in a dry erase folder, and write and rewrite on it every week to keep your meal plans fresh!

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