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Soccer Mom Status – Approved {Sponsored by Post Consumer Brands}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Post Consumer Brands, but as always, all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.
Soccer Mom

Kaialani’s favorite Post Cereal – Fruity Pebbles

I recently finished my daughter Kaialani’s (2) first season of soccer; and I can honestly say I am very excited to begin to instill in her an enthusiasm for soccer and sports! The health benefits from staying active as a young child are extremely important; and the teamwork she will learn will only benefit her growth and development down the line.  A good dose of healthy competition and building the foundation of good sportsmanship paves the way for her interpersonal skills further down the line. 

Soccer Mom

Thinking about which Post Cereal she is going to have after practice.

As Kaia is only two years old, you can imagine the first few practices were just sheer chaos!  While there weren’t any “games”, I know she learned a lot and really loved it. At her age, it is a very parent-involved experience, so I definitely got my workout in chasing after her!  Halfway through every “practice”, she would beeline it for the playground…But hey can you blame her? What two-year-old wouldn’t do that!

Due to Kaia’s age, we are lucky in that games/practices/activities are convenient for me as the parent; they work within my schedule and are flexible. But as she gets older, I know the commitment and dedication to truly be full time ‘soccer mom’ will be a drastic change. Early mornings, late nights, traveling – I can see the writing on the wall with Kaia’s innate athletic abilities at such a young age. 
That is where a quick and easy snack will come in handy! Thanks to Post Cereal, families are provided a variety of recipes that go beyond just the classic and oh-so-loved bowl of cereal! They are one step ahead of the game (literally)! You’ll be amazed at the variety of recipes found HERE.

Thank you Post Cereal for helping me plan ahead and get a glimpse of my future as a ‘soccer mom’. 

{Calling All Soccer Fans}

Starting in June, limited edition Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes can be found at grocery stores across the country. These boxes feature Topps® MLS player trading card cut-outs. 

soccer mom
{Wait! There’s More!}

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