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SeaWorld’s New Orca Encounter and More! {Sponsored Post}

Thank you to The Moms Network for treating us to a behind the scenes day at Sea World!

#momsatseaworld was such a great day. I got to meet Melissa from The Moms Network! Melissa and Geanine (along with other SeaWorld staff) graciously showed us around SeaWorld (behind the scenes) for the entire day!

SeaWorld has made a few additions recently, one of them being SeaWorld San Diego’s long-awaited Orca Encounter! This attraction highlights SeaWorld’s killer whales in a (not boring) documentary style format that features a huge infinity screen with alternating natural scenery images as the backdrop. orca encounter

The new Orca Encounter presentation allows SeaWorld to share their knowledge of 50 years with us in a way that has never been done before! The team at SeaWorld, including orca behaviorists, engineers, researchers, and writers spent a year creating this inspiring learning experience. We were lucky enough to have a private showing of the new Orca Encounter and then have our questions answered by some of SeaWorld’s expert trainers. 

Brian Morrow, SeaWorld’s Vice President says this about the new aspects of this theme park experience:

By combining a live orca presentation with an extraordinarily enhanced and augmented digital environment, we immerse our guests in the mysterious world of the killer whale, which most people never get to experience.

I brought my family with me for this behind the scenes day, and my girls couldn’t keep their eyes off the whales and the screen. They blurted out facts about Orcas for the rest of the day!

We also got a bit of time to experience the new rides in the Ocean Explorer area that were just recently opened. Unfortunately, the new submarine ride was closed, but the kids climbed up under the octopus and giant crabs through the kid tunnels (like the image pictured below) and I rode the Tentacle Twirl ride with my girls.

orca encounter


Electric Ocean launched June 17th, so we didn’t get a chance to experience it, but we heard it’s a super fun dance party every night at SeaWorld! Looks like we have to go back!

SeaWorld San Diego orca encounter

I think the best part for me was at the end of the day. We watched a dolphin show, which I can never get tired of, and once the crowd filed out, we got our own private time with the dolphins and trainers. We got to feed, pet and do tricks with the dolphins! My daughters were in heaven! My youngest even asked one of the trainers what it takes to become an animal trainer. It was a wonderful day and we can’t wait to go back and experience Electric Ocean.

SeaWorld works hard to educate the public, while entertaining them. With every park visitor, SeaWorld is able to help their world class rescue program come to the aid of 300-400 marine animals every year! Their ultimate goal of the rescue program is to medically rehabilitate and return all animals back to their home in the wild. SeaWorld is passionate about helping animals and educating us on the importance of it! We love loving so close to such an amazing establishment.

I am sure that everyone reading this has a season pass to SeaWorld San Diego. If you go to SeaWorld and check out the new attractions, tag us! We would love to follow along with you on your adventures!

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  1. The San Diego Plumber June 21, 2017 at 11:42 pm #

    I saw the show and new exhibit areas yesterday. It was a good time, the kids loved it… mission accomplished. It appeared to me the demographic the park serves was pretty happy too. Oceans explorer area was I thought was very cool for kids.

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