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Handmade Gifts with Love : DIY for Kids!

handmade gifts
Something about strawberry season always signals to me that Summer is almost here. Maybe it’s all the strawberry shortcake you see at Memorial Day BBQs, or the abundance of lush, dark red strawberries at the grocery store. Either way, I’m feeling the “Summer is near” vibe! It also signals that the school year is coming to an end, and that means… end-of-year teacher and staff gifts. Ack! Instead of buying Starbucks out of their mugs and gift cards, try an easy, thoughtful, yummy and fun DIY handmade gifts that the kids will love helping with. Think of the pride they will feel when they get to say, “I made this” when you give it to their teacher.

“But, wait… DIY? I’m not one of those Pinterest Moms! I don’t have time for this!” I hear you, mama. I used to say the same thing, until I learned just how easy and fun it really is. It’s basically like cooking or baking,  and you know how kids love to help with the cooking. 

This super-easy Strawberry Lime Sugar Scrub recipe combines the scents of Summer in a light and airy textured scrub that is sure to produce amazingly soft, Summer-ready, scrumptious skin!

Strawberry Lime Sugar Scrub

1/4 cup freeze-dried strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil (firm)
4 drops lime essential oil
2 drops Vitamin E (extends the life of scrub)

1. In a gallon ziplock bag, crush strawberries using a rolling pin. This is a great task for the kids!
2. Add coconut oil and sugar to stand mixer with whip attachment. (Or to a bowl, if you are using a hand mixer.) The kids love to add the ingredients to the bowl!
3. Add lime essential oil and whip until you have the desired texture
4. Fold in the strawberries until mixed completely. Put your kids to work here!
5. Scoop into a mason jar, label and decorate for gift giving

Tips, Recommendations, Decoration Ideas!

If you are planning to give these as gifts, I recommend doing as many batches as you are needing for gifts, and a little less. For example, if I need 10 Teacher gifts, I’ll make about 8-9 batches, and put them in these 4 oz mason jars. Plus, the mixer whips better with more material in the bowl.

I got the freeze-dried strawberries at Trader Joe’s, where I noticed they have an assortment of freeze-dried fruit. Think of all the amazing Sugar Scrub possibilities  – Raspberry & Lemon Essential Oil, Blueberry & Lavender Essential Oil, Mango & Orange Essential Oil. So fun!! You can also get pretty much all the supplies (except essential oils!) at Trader Joe’s, including Vitamin E, just watch out for ladies like this. Ha!

Make sure to use high-quality essential oils – it really makes a difference! I recommend Young Living, which is not only the best quality but is also an independent distributor model business, so my purchase means I’m helping my mama friend in her business. Win, win!

To decorate, get some round labels from Amazon, like theseand some tulle or ribbon to tie around the jar. You can have the kids decorate and sign their name on the labels.

Now you have a lovely gift for teachers and staff, handmade with love. Just don’t forget to make a little extra for yourself!! You’ll be glad you did.

Got the DIY bug? Head on over here where I show you how to make Strawberry Lime Bath Bombs and Lip Balm!!!


handmade gifts


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