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Things My Kid(s) Cried About This Summer: San Diego Edition

As Summer is coming to a close, and the kids are all going back to school, now is a great time to look back and reflect on our Summer and all the fun memories that we have made.

It’s hard to imagine that another Summer has gone by, and I don’t know about you, but I am trying my best to record every single event and memory that we made in Summer 2016 together as a family.

As I sat down to start writing my list, I started laughing. I was busting up laughing and it was so loud that my kids actually stopped playing legos to come and see what was going on. They asked, “what’s so funny mama?” And I started to tell them the story of when my littlest daughter started crying because we were going to do something fun that day.

I decided that I couldn’t be the only parent with a child who cries because we are actually going out to do something fun. I asked my team for their input and stories, and sure enough, we had a hilarious list of reasons why our kids cried this Summer. I knew I had to share it with you because you probably experienced the same things.


  • We went out to dinner and my daughter ‘cried’ because she is the only one in the family that cannot order an alcoholic drink. We all tried to comfort her telling her, “one more month”, but when everyone has something you want, no words can help. Poor thing.
  • My 4 year old cried about having too much flavor in her shaved ice.

cried this summer

  • My kid cried about having to slide down the kiddy slide at “mad about the fair”, after having just begged to go on it. She also cried about wanting/not wanting to ride the roller coaster.
  • Mine cried after playing in the dog’s water because it spilled everywhere and it was too slippery to walk.
  • Mine usually cry daily about breaking their food into pieces or giving them the wrong colored plate. #toddlers
  • My teen cried about having to go on vacation.
  • My ten year old cried because I didn’t know where exactly we were going on our road trip. Spontaneity is not his thing. He wanted a plan.
  • My older kids “cried” because I made them go out to dinner. A few times.
  • My son “cried” about me taking him and his friend on a spontaneous trip to the Balboa Park museums….until he saw all the pokemon there.

cried about this summer

  • My youngest cries every time I mention bath time (even after beach & sand!)… Based on his older brothers he’ll outgrow this in exactly 2 years. At which time he will ask for cologne for Christmas.
  • My oldest cried when I wouldn’t let her wear a sweatshirt and heavy pants on a 90 degree day. I’m the meanest mom ever for trying to prevent heatstroke!
  • We went camping the first week of July…my son cried because we made him try s’mores.
  • My 2 year old cries whenever I cook because I can’t hold her.cried this summer
  • I baked cookies because they begged, (which was a bad idea because turning the oven in the Summer = misery) and my little cried because the cookies were too flat.

cried this summer

  • My daughter cried because I asked her to put on her bathingsuit because we were going to the beach.
  • My friends kid cried because he was hungry. He was crying so much that he didn’t notice the dinner sitting in front of him.


What did your kids cry about this Summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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